My first mythical






Once you upgrade it more we should have a rematch, might go differently than before :smile:


Good job!
The moment you take out your first mythical will remain a special one towards your Sm career.
Take good care your your Windigo.Remember to feed it often,otherwise it will lose weight and we don’t really want,that,do we?
Keep it up,mate :wink: :+1:


Less Weight= more weapon or more utility or more module or more I dunno ^^


Actually, if the torso go a bit lighter I would not mind :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is what I meant by losing weight…
Seriously,keep feeding it.We wouldn’t want little,thin Windigo’s running around everywhere!


But think about the platinum plates you can add


Hahaha… if I get those in 1000 years I’d be surprised.