My First Ideas for the game


Hi there this is my first post, so be honest and tell me what do you think of this ideas and if theyll could be improved let me know on comments
sorry for my bad english im rusted

1 Exchange Rooms
i was saying this from like 5 weeks of joining the game, here is the idea:
A new feauture for clans to make them more useful than just ranking
there you can exchange items of the same quality with your clan members
how this would work? simple
items would be in 4 categories:
-body(torso, legs)
-Weapons(side and top)
-Special items(drones, teleport, grapling, charge)
this means i cant exchange more than i have but i can have something better for my strategy
and what if i got a good lvl item but i wanna exchange it?
well here i got 2 options
a) Item exchanged will exchange their lvl too
b) you got the equivalent power kits with the new item

2 New Myths
when you say giant robot fight the first things you think are rocket launchers laser beams and swords but there are other nice looking weapons
because this isnt an action game, design means like the 70% of the first interest of players and that means including new awesome items so here we go
like you think, i see that theres any mythical shield so i think why dont do something better? basically this is the idea:
Arm shields would be placed like a side weapon and would reduce hp damage taken in % but not the extra also this reduction only would apply in 1-3 range also you can use it 3 times to knockback your fool but wont do almost anything on offensive
-Inferno shield: 15 dmg, 15 heat dmg. 2 knockback, reduces explosive dmg taken by 40%, cost 20 heat, 65 kg
Make yourselves the conversion for electric and physical
-Multishield reduce all hp dmg taken by 30% cost 15 heat and 15 electric, dont deal dmg but have 3 knocback, 75 kg

Do you hate the flametrowers? well this is basically the same but oposite
let me explain it better
a flametrower do a low hp dmg but a great extra type dmg
but the saws are brutal theyll do a great hp dmg, drain resistance and also do regen or cooling dmg obviously a giant saw most be destructive and would be a meelee weapon, but also its fragile so it only would have 3 uses and 1 range
-Thunder saw 95 dmg, 7 resistance drain, 8 regen dmg, 12 electric dmg, cost 25 energy, 85/95 kg(im not sure on weight)
make yourselves the conversion to heat and physical

this are just design ideas
-A winged torso: nice looking with 4 electric and explosive resistance and middle life(400)
-giant jaws torso
-amorphous torso
-Cristal looking torso
-rustic torso
-crab legs
-spider legs

3 Balance and weight
First the weight modification
i see a lot of people that wants to get more weigth included myself
so because i know its the “in-game balance” i think on a better way to keep all happy
Weight Categories
like wrestling, this also would make the pairing system better
and also every category would have their own ranking, that way you literally choose your strategy
how to avoid people change of ranking every battle? simple
everytime you go to an arena battle if your weight exceed your category your rank would be reseted and youll join the new category if you want to go lighter would be the same
if you want to test a mech just dont do it on arena do it on chat or in campaign
this is a system with 5 divisions:
more than 1300
with this if you want to be bad and bigger fine but youll fight with similar mechs, if you want to keep your current 1000 weight perfect theres no problem nothing changes

Broken physicals
i know that every weapon in game is great on their type but physicals do a lot of hp dmg a lot of resistance drain and also are lighter than others
so my nerf its simple its not a big difference
just add 5 bullets/missiles consume to those wich need ammo and its done
i know its not a big difference but at least with that the ligther advantage its done

Swarm/Storm missiles improve
i know that a lot of people is using this now but i see that their extra dmg isnt the best distribution
80-120 hp dmg this is ok
4 cooling/regen dmg? im the only one who thinh its too little?
26 heat/energy drain almost useless
there are 2 options to improve this
a) add a 2/3 resistance drain and deal just 18 heat/energy drain
b) deal 14 cooling/regen dmg and just 16 heat/energy drain

A good physical Shotgun
like the electro/magma piercing shotgun
2-3 range, 60-150 dmg, 4 resistance drain, 1 knockback, 65 kg, 20 bullets 5 energy 5 heat consume

Things the game need to add/fix
Friends code
im the only one who see this? their isnt any place to copy the code, this line its broken

Color kits
everybody love the color kits bring them back its ugly see a mech like a clown

Real minievents
a great rewarded quest like the actual daily quest but harder
we could win a gold box or power kits

Facebook Friends list
i mean fb conect is more decorative than other thing you cant even invite people

another way to win tokens
with major events like christmas and halloween add miniquest to win tokens would be great to be out of the monotony, dont remove the gold boxes gift the miniquest are an extra

Event perks
able to buy it with gold only during event then would be able for tokens
valentines, christmas, halloween, saint patrick, a mexican sombrero, a big sword looking for a meelee weapon to hide wich is, cat/dog paws things like that to make our mechs funnier and also 3 perk slots instead of 1

well this is all by the moment let me know your opinion and if youre a dev tell why dont do this or a better way


Hey Izhar,

If you want feedback on your ideas from the community its best to add polls to them.

Its very simply done by clicking the Gear button and then build poll.

Make sure to split the polls up for each idea you have and bare in mind that once a poll has been made you can’t edit them. Using separate threads for separate ideas is also often a good idea.

Hope this helped!


Oh nice!
tee hee hee ok ill do it on this days
thanks n.n


Whatever the exchange system must cost the server a lot of energy, which is likely to make games less smooth. On the other hand, if trades are possible, then there are much fewer players would like to pay for tokens. How do you think to compensate the devs? If it’s not lucrative at all, do they have motivation to do so?

Although I don’t know too much about maintaining a website, I’m sure that such a change can only happen after they’ve got a much better server. Let’s hope this could happen some day.

It’s brilliant to see that the incredible unfairness between weapons of similar functions, even if we only consider the M-rarity ones. Something really needs to be done in time.


i think if they nerf the exchange to 10 times per year would be more than enought and people would want always buy
but… i dont want to spend money on this game yet, its too easy and too short i have nothing to do now, so i dont see why spend money if you cant even chose a thing

i know they would need a lot to get servers ready for those things actually server gets bugged easily on multiplayer so this are more ideas for probably when i have kids/wich means at least 5 years later xD)

indeed explosive is the worston dmg, electrical isnt usefull if you cant drain enought and physicals no matter what they deal huge amount of dmg and they do more dmg the more turns you still are alive so yes we need a change on balance to be honest ill be good with just 2 types of dmg


i likemany of your ideas but the weight limit thing would not work because 1300 weight is too much we need to make people use their brains and make them be creative to make mechs that dont weigh to much therefor its not the lucky player who is rank 1 but the smart one who can build a mech properly to make it fair and if youre new and dont know how to at least you try and learn after all this a game about biulding mechs


pls, no necromancy and no writing the post no one can read


im not so new xD
but i reach rank 1 in a month without buying anything, im not a player who want to be on top 10 i just want to get fun, im on the game since the old campaign i completed every level even hard and insane, now im half way to complete this one because work have me caught xD
for me this game its pretty easy but its really annoying the ramdom item drop and the copy/pasted strategies on rank 1
sometimes i go down to the last rank and then go up again just to see different strategies and give some tips to newbies xD
xD i was so bored that i build a mech with 2 infernal axes, eruptor and rocket launchers its nice but the axes arent the best option xD