My first and second mythical mechs


I’m working on more heat and energy on both still


You need more HP for your first mech…


Is love to get my hands on a platinum plate or 3 lol


Here’s mine


@Pleasurebot3000 Can show your modules?



Change this26 AMinto this53 AMthis07 PM this58 AM this 03 PMor this 27 PM


That first mech…
For a mech of such tier I expected better…
Not just that it’s a half-drainer,half-damage electrician,but it’s core stats are to be looked down upon…
Having a higher heat cap makes no difference if your cooling’s too low.
You can do better than 200 regen (it wouls have more when maxed mythical but for now they’re pretty average)
Use the extra weight.HP plates and engines.
Upgrade the modules for they are just as important as your weapons.
Now about the second mech…
It’s stats are much to be desired.
If you use 3 different resistance modules you’ll have less room for what really matters…Plus resistance isn’t a most-important thing on a heater anyways.Rid your mech of them.
Once you get energy depleted,that mech is as good as dead.Wither get some more regen and energy cap (through energy engines) or some energy-free weapons (reckoning,desolation,drones-clash,murmur,that heat type windforge/antares)…Or even better,both!
Pretty mediocre weapon setup…Could get the job done but could be better.
Most important now…Cooling.
You’re gonna need at least 500 heat cap with 250+ cooling (heat engines give both,too.Max a couple of them and your mech will reach the stats).
Your weapons also use a lot of heat,and versus another heat build,you’re gonna get that much more extra heat.
More HP would be welcome but it could work even with this much health (you will have a little more health when maxed.I see it’s not maxed yet).


It’s Swoop ^^ (and Greedy for phys type ^^)


Oh hey, I met you in PvP before. (I said “nice name,” and I’m pretty sure I quit on you sometimes :joy: )


I’ve made changes to the first mech, and the second aside from the mythical bits was mostly full of spare parts.


So you wanna say it’s more of a ‘‘filler mech’’?
Then it’s pretty good actually :grin::grin: