My (final) retirement is impending

I’m about to reach my third mythical, in which I will stop playing once again, except this time it is permanent. (No account giveaways, btw)

Now, I need help deciding, should I boost the Last Words (Grenade Launcher, Side) or Grim Cobra (Grenade Launcher, Top)?

This is my mech if you think anything else should be upgraded:

retire before boosting :wink:

Take a pause but Dont take retirement

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Why make a Mythichal and then go off ?

improves the grim charge although I do not know if it is physical or energy if it is energy up to mythical is a very good weapon and angers the players a lot if you have a last word so you make the energy combo

and it’s good that you do not give away the account like this if one day you will have 3 accounts with mythical mech at your disposal

I want to quit supermechs with this as the highlight.

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well good bye @Erik_Huang, @Deadinside and @Dead_Inside and have fun

(not sure if one of them is wrong but bye anyway)

Improve your modules… those need the most improvement.

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After you quit make sure to watch as much anime as possible (Boner guaranteed)

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Im watching attack on titans s2e10

Anime with no girls = shit

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@Zarkares After watching high school dxd i wanted to be harem king like issei but my younger brother say im nuts.

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Believe in yourself, your younger brother doesn’t know anything about anime. One day, anime girls will come to life and I will be fucking each and every single one of them

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If you will retire (which I think you shouldn’t) and if you don’t want your account, I shall gladly take the honor of having your account… :wink:…JK?..

I was only kidding about that but really bro…don’t retire