My feelings towards this update and why I look forward to the future

So, we all know about the recent 2v2 update and how negative 95% of the player base was. But why? After some hard work and constant grinding, I cobbled this together with spare parts and some new ones:

I view this update akin to Reloaded. Some people started off WAY better than you, but you can still keep going. On the day of Reloaded, I told myself, “These fully maxed people have reached their limit. I haven’t, and I can still surpass them.” The key is time. You always have the potential to surpass the few people who maxed 2 mechs.

So, yes. I like this update. I’m excited to see how my 2nd mech will grow. Aren’t you?

Please refrain from any overly superfluous negativity. It’ll make things a lot better.


The good news is the update make search player more faster


Way to go bro. Here is my boiler project for ya. Might switch the snipe for a VR tho. (Murmur is the drone)

Not everyone is this lucky, nor really works as hard as you or others do. Hell not everyone can, due to school, work etc.

On another note, what’re the stats of this beast?

@lordgorgon seeing your mech, I would recommend just one cooling booster + two engines. You’re running quite a few of them. Which you can put into either more HP or a different set of weapons.

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You are right. Just putted it there because i had spare weight. Will very likely change it once this baby is finalized. Thanks for the insight tho.

All modules are epic. . .

Maxed stats would be 412/237 heat, 193/64 energy, and 2068 hp. I might switch out a plate for an engine.

Not a problem! And it’s coming out nicely (pure heaters are quite fun).

You do also have a few energy dependant weapons. One shot from a valiant and you are toast atm :confused:


My second mech

modules not done yet
any comments?
(My first mech is a energy mech so I don’t equip en module, only few player use double energy mechs)

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How about dis? (had to remove teleport tho)

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2 sorrows?

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Good heaters typically don’t require a TP anyways. But with Magma, you’re betting off removing a sorrow or both. And packing on another resist drain weapon (maybe another magma, DB, etc). And using Deso as a top to compliment it (murmur still works well with both). This mechs full of surprises.

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İ also have a reckoning, but the thing is heavy AF.

Reckoning is better than sorrow, also covers your 1-2 range, while magma (and maybe another good side wep cover your 2-4 and above with deso or supreme cannon (or abomination if you’re able).

But with these weapons, you need to find a balance. Because some require energy while others don’t, and when magma goes, you’ll need something to cover the other ranges. Plus two sorrows is what, 142* weight vs 89? remember that heat mechs require well thought out weapons to utilize weight efficiently and effectively.

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Yes but, thats turning into a heat dmg, not a boiler anymore
Might get out of range easy with something like this

Well if you want to be a boiler, then you’re better off getting a max myth corrupt light. Less weight, better damage (slightly), high heat damage (-24). Vs sorrows -12. Plus it has one more range than it (if I’m not mistaken.)

Since it’s a boiler, I’d say dual corrupt light, crimson + your choice of top (maybe a vandal). I would refer you to Ricemechs excellent guide on some heat builds. One moment.

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I’m no heat expert, but dropping the crimson and booster for a desolation is how I’d configure a mech like that. Then again, crimson is also a pretty good heat weapon to have. I don’t know what you prefer, so that’s just my opinion.

This would make it more of a damage heater, though.

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CL consumes energy… Where sorrow does not

Well yes, obviously, so does crimson. Which is fine, because you can configure your mech to also run two or so energy engines. High heaters generally require a good amount of energy to become truly effective.

I say that due to the fact I’ve seen more success in with CL (and others), than I have with Sorrow. (I rarely see efficient sorrow builds).

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Sorrow is energy free. İt is also a difficult item to come by…