My feeling for every version of super mech I played

mhm ok would like to see u try :wink:

BerzerkStudios’ “The Peacekeeper”

Played it for years, I stopped just because my phone’s battery’s “lifespan” dropped too much…

Lmao , i’m laughing and feeling sad for you , annoyed by ads that you could close them by a single MOUSE CLICK OR A PHONE TAP , WOW , or use AdBlocker if you’re that lazy to move your mouse to close an ad , and if you feel lazy to even get an AdBlocker , then i’m sorry you shouldn’t exist

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You know, an ad can be annoying not only because you have to close it…

Does an adblocker for in-app ads exists ? (serious question)

insert a Skyrim “Violence 100” meme here


There’s one on my samsung s8 (I think). Try going to settings and looking it up.

Really ?

(And I can’t check, I currently don’t have a smartphone, so…)

What do you play on then?


What kind and what browser?
Edit: just browser is fine

is this a questionning ?


I’m trying to figure out how to give you a good adblocker.

Try adblock or ghostery or firefox focus.

uBlock Origin also works on firefox (which is what I use on chrome, works really well, and you can turn it on and off).

Where did I said I needed/wanted one ?

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Lmao ,

Yup i’m pretty sure they exist

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I don’t know… I can’t find anywhere you said you wanted one… :thinking: I thought you did. Well, you did say that you didn’t know if an adblocker for an app existed so I assumed that you wanted one.

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It was just curiosity from my end, because I was thinking it don’t exist ^^

Why ?


Just get a ad blocker if you dont like it, im fine with ads cause after you hit lv 100 or so they stop

you can use the ad blocker but if you download supermechs like what i did then ad blocker wont work they should get rid of ads or make it where you can pay money to get rid of ads

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Maybe i dont have adś cause i am a p2w player

I’m over level 150, and yet, I get a f…reakin volley of ads anytime I don’t use the Arena/Worshop/Boosting menu…

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