My feeling for every version of super mech I played

A very long time ago: WOW! what a great game! I can build my own mech and fight. So cool!!!
A long time ago: OMG! It keep getting better and better. Never gonna quit this game
A not so long time ago: A new update!! bet it is going to be great
1 week after that: What the hell is this game a P2W now? Nah i wont mind that. At least I can still develop steadily
A while ago: Ok i had enough. why tf would there be ads in this game. The auto mode is meant for AFK!! the ads destroyed it


My felling abt your post:
When you found SM great and love it, many people worked hard before to release this game.
When you continue to enjoy the game, people always work hard for updates, server maintenant, resolve pb of ddos attack, …
We all know that people are not working for free. They need salary (like us) for food, for car, for home, for baby…
So if P2W not exist, if all Ads dissapear, are you sure that the game can be maintained ?
Rather than blame TS, you can help them by purchase VIP and enjoy the game without ads plus others benefits.
Nothing is free my friend !


use adblocker, genius


for ads you can stop them by ad blocker and you can activate auto-pilot and farm as much as you want


I agree with you on that p2w thing,but use adblocker man,the only time im not using adblocker is when im supporting youtubers

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what is an adblocker ?

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a program/module you install in your internet browser (Goolgle Chrome, Firefox, DuckDuckGo, Puffin, Opera, and so on), which prevents ads from appearing/bothering you

It’s the simpliifed explanation ^^


An adblocker is, a program that block ads… adblocker


I use uBlock Origin and all the ads are taken out of SM. Works like a charm.


Ads it’s not bad in game. But very annoying what you can’t turn off a sound when listing your own music.and applays 3 times in 1 company. Like Big boy company.

Improvise , adapt , overcome


x2 XDasdsadsa…

:laughing: I forget wher I can turn off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: because I got new win.

If you’re in a browser like chrome, then you can just right click the tab and click mute.

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i feel like the orig post could apply to any game being played for months at a time

This also applies to Overwatch and Warthunder… But at least they aren’t some shitty 2D flash game…
Why am I still here?

Not every game…

Some of my faorites, I could play them monthes without being tired of it…

ok yeah thats why i put “months at a time” which could be like 68 months or something

even 68 or more monthes, I’ll still play them XD