My feedback as one of the oldest and longest-playing Pilots of Supermechs

First and Foremost, I would like to address the Balance of Gameplay.

I would like to state that, the new weapons are much to overpowered and that the some of the new mythical are nearly unbeatable and will destroy you in either the first turn or render you useless in 2nd turn.

Energy and Heat weapon that specifically target your cooldown/regeneration and Heat/Energy Cap are toooo strong!

These weapon are the “lavaspray” or the energy/heat flamethrowers and the “DeathPunch”. These weapon do soo much “resource” damage that in order to sustain a mech to survive them, You need 250+ regeneration and even a maximum cap of 500+ energy for eDeathPunch. The Heat version is also much tooo powerful but not as deadly as the energy version.

Physical weapon all mostly require energy and drones also require energy. The only mythical weapons that do not use the energy are the “Mercy” or "Annihilation. So nearly ALL physical lose to energy mechs do to lack of weapon that do not use energy.

Next I would like to address Boosting.

I would like to reduce the Boosting cost for Rare/Epic/Legendary Tiers down to about 10% of their current costs. This allow New Players to quickly gain a competitive mech up to Legendary. This should be the entry level fun, competitive pvp experience.

Mythical tier remains the same and unchanged but this allows the player to more easily obtain lengendary via upgrading. So alot of work to advance to mythical is still required but lowers the substantial costs to boost up to mythical.

This also address many problems of players not being able to compete and often just quitting because their mechs are no challenge to mechs with fully-powered mythicals.

Please introduce Legendary>Mythical Items for Clan Rewards. Everyone has already obtained most of the E>L>M in boxes. It’s abit of a letdown for prizes since you can obtain them already in the boxes.

I would suggest an entirely new Mythical box.

This box contains 1 Single Item Card. The item is a guaranteed Legendary Item(75% Chance Item is Epic>Legendary>Mythical Tier Items and 25% Item is a Legendary>Mythical Tier item) but the catch is, the item can’t be purchased with tokens/gold. It is rewarded everyday by completing the 4 daily missions.

Finally last suggestion.
Make the level-up reward an achievement instead of automatically giving it out.

This lets post-level up players obtain the reward.

Don’t be afraid to give more tokens. 2 Tokens is a bizarre number. Make it 5 or 10 tokens per level up.

Also I’m level 142 It’s actually very very easy to level up in this version of Supermech compared to the previous. Consider making the Max level even higher. Perhaps 500 or 200.

~[-R-M-] /r1234

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Bravo to you madam, you have summarized all that needs to be addressed in just one post. And very concisely and formally, I might say.

Somebody get this lady a medal.


“Bravo to you Lady, …
… get this girl a medal”

And she has already very shiny medals !


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May I suggest an additional idea?

Either entirely remove the shield items and the old mythical specials which have 2 uses or bring back the shields and reinstate those unique attributes into some of the new items. Like for example when one of the new harpoons/teleports/charge engines transform into a mythical it gains an extra usage point because it seems to me to be the most strategically rewarding feature when it comes to those items.


Give me my Epic/Legendary leagues and I won’t have to worry about crazy overpowered Mythic weapons unless I can and also choose to wield them.

The arms race tactics of making the top tier weapons light years ahead of the next best thing is supposed to encourage people to buy more, but I don’t think it’s working. I’m certainly not motivated to spend more just to have more players quit on me the second they look at my full mythical machine.