My explanation of drop rates

Drop rates probably follow an exponential growth algorithm, like y=n^x. It has an asymptote, which explains why people in higher ranks complain about no change in the drop rates per level. The level which peaks the graph is between 50 and 100, according to my testing on several accounts.

That’s wrong, the drop rates are constantly changed by the devs.
And as mentioned by Sarah(Community Manager), Levels does not affect the drop rates.

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I have always wondered if they reduce drops rates during the 20% off box sale. That’s what I would do if I was them :smiling_imp:

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They do. :))

You’re pure evil.


That would be useless.
Players would buy the boxes and simply wait 3 days to open the boxes after the 20% sales event is over.

why would people do that

I think he meant the campaign boxes, not the token ones.

And he’s not really off, last couple of 20% deals we had, drop rates were pure garbage. Sooo

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They must follow some sort of pattern to them. The app store requires a disclosure for drop rates in crates, so the devs will eventually cave in.

Who told that to you?

I suspect that for some reason the crates in this game do not fall under the rate reveal rules of iOS, the reason I suspect that is because with every update Apple reviews the app before it is allowed to go on App Store, and there have been like 3 updates since that rule was added to the App Store.

Probably some technicality makes TS not have to comply.

I don’t know, whatever just rambling