My evaluation of Unicorn's Day


Positive. I liked.

Hope to next editions the same level will be maintained.


Unicorn’s Day, that should be a real holiday.

Yes, the unicorn mission was great. Good to see some positive updates and events in game. :slight_smile:


Yes all in all was a positive event.
The drop rates were alot less then the previous iteration of the event, but that was expected.
From my quesstimate 10-15% the previous, and should have hold 4-5h vs 3-5% now, for 24h.
Would be great if these things, would become a standard and have a special event once a month.


Hay que reconocer, por una vez, si daban legendarios, aunque nunca me toco el dichoso cuerno, sepa como sale, me flete 3 veces todo en easy hard e insano y nada XD!


I normal mode … 5 horns… lol


Creo solo en celular los dan, en PC nunca los dan, debe ser otro bug…


I liked this event and in my opinion it was well balanced. You get a lot of epics and some legendaries but you only have 24 hours to grind that mission. I wish the devs will create more of those :smiley:

imagine they add an event where you can play with old items from 2015 -.-


or an event where u are the big boy and u get to fight diffrent kind of mechs chosen by devs of diffrent rank1 players.


Nothing less or more to say , i really enjoyed this small event! Its a real push for the free to play players , they get to be stronger.

Let’s hope there will be an event for Halloween , shall we? :smiley:


what do you exactly mean with big boy? playing as the boss from overlords den or just a random op mech with 3000 hp


I say … be carefull what you wish for… remember the BB befor this update? The on on insane mode was imposible to beat… only by a few… and only 2 specific builds could.


Maybe, I spent hours on it and I just got 3 legendaries.

(0 horny horns)


It was great.

I went all out and did about 150 runs… got 5 legendaries and 3 horns. 2 good/useful legendaries.

I still don’t know if I’ll ever be able to compete with top mechs without paying, but chances to get legendaries are always welcome :slight_smile:


If you didnt get horny horns… you were at the wrong event.
Altho if you did get horny… then you were at a better event then the unicorn one ;).


I had over 280 Items
These were the only legendarys I got and also no horn :V


the luck on the mercy tho


i got the redocking or whatever it’s called


2 legendaries in 1 mission box, I haven’t seen that before.


I got twice 2 legendaries in a box, and I got a legendary at bigboy at easy stage (!!!)

Looks insane, but happened…


Mercy’s a great find, although reckoning is probably better. I’d love to have either :slight_smile:

I wish they’d:

  1. give every item an epic version

or 2) have legendary drops be only legendary-only items