My drone is crazed


my drone is crazed when i entered ramboy

(not photoshop)


Those 2 drones are just trying to have some good time together, leave 'em alone! :wink:


Next update, “Drone Fighting” mode.
The drone fights, while your mechs make bets.
Or if could be one of those romantic war love drone stories, where faceshoker falls in love with quinch(or that drone’s name), but they are on oposite sides of the war, but even tho they try and make it happen,and in the end the mechs kill eachother, but the drones live happily ever after.

PS: it’s a visual glitch.


who said that the drones have no feelings!


i always thought drones are some kind of adorable pets the mechs have, for company, when they feel lonely, to play, to love.
My mechs drone send me a message the other day
"Love me, feed me, never leave me…"


Just an Easter egg from the perverted programmer of the game…
Soon you’ll see tiny drones pop out behind them…


wow. my drone has a family huh?
(just a visual glitch)


uisssssss… to have fun that the world ends … !!!