My departure from the BDA, and my future as a mentor


Due to differences in opinions and direction, I feel it is necessary for me to resign from the BattleDawn Academy, effective at the end of F1 and M1, whichever finishes last. I genuinely hope there will be no hard feelings between any of the mentoring staff and I, as I have for the most part enjoyed working within the BDA.

As someone who has been mentoring since 2012, and has always put his everything into trying to develop players and help the community as a whole, I feel like my time is best spent going in my own direction, and following what I believe, and hope, will work best for the people learning under me.

So that’s why I wanted to make this post to discuss something I’ll be working on going forward, and what I will seek to achieve through it.

Using discord as a platform for communication, I will be forming a group of people that will have the aim of making BattleDawn more competitive. We will be bringing serious teams to future eras, with our aim being to win the era. Essentially, we’ll be like any old BattleDawn family, just with an expressed mission to develop as many players as possible.

So, I encourage anyone reading this post now to join the discord server through this link:

Whether you are someone looking for a team, someone looking for players, someone looking to learn or just someone looking for a chat, I encourage you to join, meet some new people and maybe join in on one of our worlds.


Good luck in whatever your future ventures may be. Your contributions to the BDA evidenced by your restless efforts to bring about what was nearly a ‘dead’ project - the former AANC - are greatly appreciated! You’ve undeniably helped shape a future generations of players by equipping them with the adequate knowledge, from the basics to facets of this game which get all the more complex. A former AANC newbie myself, the fact of having become able to impose myself based on solid foundations is indeed the greatest reward I’ve benefited from to date, which in itself is the main objective of this institution.




@dankmementos I’m sorry if you ever felt I did not put enough effort into helping you at any point.


Nothing to do with me mate

Forget that I said anything


Sorry to hear mate, you have helped bd continue in so many ways and I certainly am thankful for it. Good luck in the future bud


Goodluck man , if i had to name top 5 people who helped new players your name is surely gonna be there.