My daily base account thread

Hello everyone
Since I enabled the base feature, I would like to create a topic that tracks my daily progress just like @adashofSiren’s one (

Day 1

  • It’s the first day of the base feature on my base account
  • I upgraded the headquarter to level 7, my goal is to upgrade a factory to level 15 so I can craft power kits, because that’s a worthy deal.

I’d like to see how many days will it takes to max up the whole base, and I will post the item drop rates here.


do you spend tokens?

Yes, I used 100 tokens to speed up

at 15 how many item craft factory will you have? 3 or 4?

may i ask what rank this account is

Are ya gonna do day 1 and 2 just like him?

i accidentally clicked it shit
now im screwed


Rank 1, and I’ll do day 1 and day 2 just like him

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R.I.P my rank 7-3 account

im gonna ask sarah for help
they made it so as soon as i log on theres a chance ill click enable


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You just actually ruined your account dude :rofl: a shame because it looks decent too

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I will not use my phone ever again


Hmm, maybe I should post here for my low rank acct. Since I accidentally activated it…

Day 2

Today is a very exciting day to me, I got up at 5:30 am(I usually get up around 8 am) because I’m both too nervous and exciting to see the final result and I can’t sleep well.

When I saw I dropped from top 1 to top 4, I decided to do some arena battle to earn
more points so I can get a medal.

My luck was very good today, I matched up a counter and he quited instantly, ans I earn 4 points to become top 1, the time left until the tournament finished was only 1 hour, I stared at the screen for the whole hour and make sure nobody can get before me.
The final result was I got a gold medal from the 2v2 season, the medal fight between me and the other 3 players was very exciting, and good luck for me to become the final winner :slight_smile:

And the Rank 1 reward was not bad too, I got two myth food and 2 epic relics

And I divined the selfish protector drone, now it can deal over 440 damage, that’s a lot of damage!

I don’t know if I got too excited from the exciting medal fight or I just become too crazy, I used 400 tokens to speed up the base building and upgrade it to level 11

My mind is now clear but I still dont regret my crazy actions, Because that’s my own thought that the base is actually worthy to me, Cause I don’t need to totally agree on other players opinion. And I will be able to craft the powerful kits soon!


Yes, when we max the base it will pay off!

Hopefully you aren’t doing this for pay like that older player

Dream becoming true


so, how much you getting paid for this?

Really nice :smile: this is the best option in item factory I think, :slight_smile: