My comment on the new patch at Mordulec Square

Hi guys,
I just uploaded another video with my comments on the new SM Reloaded patch. Feel free to comment on the forum and in the YT section. Link to my channel:

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Good point bro.
You gathered the important aspects regarding the curent status and the future of the update.
you are right, the top players will probably leave, because most of us are sick of hackers/cheaters/exploiters.
These will carry over, and will gain more power, and continue to florish.
To answer, in about 3 months all that will be left in the game will be Hackers and noobs, neither of them will pay to play the game.

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I subscribed to your channel.

After all I’ve seen here, I think the problem in this game, is not the negligence or inability of those responsible to eliminate hackers. If only it were, it would be a little innocent.

There is corruption here. I can not think differently, when an illegal account salesman like kigblinc keeps strolling around the game as if he had not done anything. And when in spite of all that has been shown in this forum, no action has been taken to expel him from the game. This is corruption and is not resolved by seeking justice within the administration itself.

When someone here showed the screenshots of the group that sold accounts (specifically kigblinc), Sarah was quick to thank and did not need anyone to send her emails. But she continued to allow the main account holder to continue in the game. Why? Why advertise to supermechs on his youtube channel? That’s unfair to honest players.

You should not put the business first to ethics. Set a bad precedent.

So it is very good that you on your youtube channel give us all the opportunity to speak freely of these things. I will be responsible for divulging it by all the groups of supermechs that I know in social networks. So that people who know nothing of how things are handled here, be warned and don´t be deceived, as we was.

Thank u.


You re right! Even i fight for first place just like you all! There s unwanted hackers that are my and you all’s weakness! They don t care about effort! All they doing is cheating, account selling, scamming! They literally stealing our places unfairly! Now since my old account was erased! I forsaken myself to get my revenge against the hackers like kigblinc(as egsample! That is why i m racing to full force with kindness! Rudeness against them will ruin your life forever!
Remember: they re remorseless selfish beings that only care about theirselves!

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Mordulec footage is converted to drive so i can link the file to forums