My Birthday- Happy Birthday to me :)


Hey guys, in 30 mins I finally turn 17 YaY!

Expecting Gifts from everyone of you, :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to meeee :slight_smile:

PS: Gifts in form of tokens only, tnq


Happy birthday!

Is a birthday ban okay? :gift: :birthday:


im guessing you mis spelt "gift of 1000$ "

yes it is ok :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Birthday…but no gifts…


Which world are you planted on?


1 year closer to death :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday. Enjoy the last few years of teenhood


Right now I’m on one which the inhabitants here call “Earth” , idk hopefully I’ll be here for some more time





Happy Birthday.

I hope you get lots of free cocaine and annie-may strippers.


Let the universe get out of your way on this day. :slight_smile:


I found a dead person in the Japan suicide forest


Happy Birthday, I hope you will have lots of fun with your anime girls


I have 3D girl friend, I don’t need animes


@Alexander this guy needs a birthday ban. He said hes on some Earth server. Pls do it when his army is on the frontline. Also, he said he doesnt need animes so ya gotta make his ban longer


No birth for a carrot