My biggest journey starts today

My grades are not good and I am very disappointed in myself. Everytime I open my computer up, I go straight to Discord or this forums to hang out and sometimes play SM. I’m wasting my time on irrelevant things instead of studying. At night, I just watch anime til 11:00 pm and had to wake up at 4 am, I didn’t get enough sleep. It’s very hard for me to concentrate in class, I’m fucked in the head. Everyone is ahead of me.

From now on, I will try to get rid of my addiction:

I will come back in May 2018 and update my results.


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@Zarkares You are right it is a waste of time And I have time to waste.

See you soon !!! :hand_splayed:

Well… I’ll miss you somehow ._. It’s boring that there’s no one who post nonsense.


i post nonsense all the time duh. thx for the new torso zarkares

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yes, because self enforced cold turkey quits always end well.

just learn moderation.

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Yeah. Then you could become a moderator like @Elcent better known as Stuart

You mean Stuart Little?

@Zarkares you are cool !