My best Premium Pack

Did not had much luck with the Packs…

But I love this one :slight_smile: And have to tell since I am lvl 150, after every 10-20 fights, I get a special box with the 4 lights. No legendary found but at least they are dropping. I farm last world - Mission 6. normal.
And from Epic items I find X3 many as before.
I got a legendary when I hit lvl 150, but it was some lame leg.

I hope more Legendary will drop after next update :wink:


WOW man you are so lucky…it would have been luckier if you got a valiant sniper as well

because I had to see all the topics of today … :neutral_face:


You have material to build a beautiful heat.


Who open a premium pack and get 5 premium plating…

…a hacker?
LeL :sweat_smile:

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May I get your Magma Blast and Bunker Shell if you don’t want them ?

I promise I’ll put them to use ^^

Saw 4 also, someone ever got 5 (without photoshop) :question:


or an abomination instead of twisted flux

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yeah…would have been so lucky
but you know…he got a magma blast and a bunker shell

congrats dude
im a little bit jealous but i got my BS on a fortune box xD

yeah its pretty much luck on the same pack xD
idont want magma blast but i really desire a sorrow

Your luck is nothing compared to mine


It isn’t the premium rack ?

how did you get more than one legendary, i opened 14 of these packs in one day and got a total of 3 legendaries

I know a guy who knows a guy :no_mouth:

this makes me feel poor

Most Legendaries Box (nothing special dropped in it though)

Most Annoying Legendaries Box (2 of these were “bonus” powerkits, which even as booster material aren’t as good as a regular legendary which at least might have affinity for what you’re boosting).

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i got 4 but i think 5 is coded imposible

i need to tell all of you that 4 legendaries come only at pack #4 or 5 in one log in well at least thats what happens to me


nice drops, but I would love for you to show what you got on the second box drop. And also, when you post your drops, you are asking for T-Soft to nerf drops. I have to like what dropped, but try not to put your good luck in other’s expense.