My best ideas (I guess)

Hey what’s up. After my last topic, I have compiled some ideas in the last days. With a little imagination and time you can create some good topics, keep that in mind :slight_smile:

-Market The market is like the store before, only in this version the market is a little more complete than the store (This market includes another you’ll see)
What’s in the sale?
-A boost of XP or Coins for those in need of coins or experience to raise from lvl

-Black market In the black market, you get everything, including the mythical, in this version you can only be a short time because if you do not get (Type deep web xd) approximately its estimated time is 2 or 3 minutes.
What includes?
-Micticos por tokens

  • Sale of boxes, but their stats multiply
    -Change of Coins by tokens
    -Buy XP
    Because it is an illegal market there will be certain restrictions which are:
    -Excessive cost
    -A few penalties like:
    A) Remove what you bought
    B) Remove all your coins and tokens
    C) In the worst case that you remove your current mech
    -Limited time

-Survival mode To enter the survival mode you need to be level 30 … In survival you will fight with whoever you want to be Buggies, Tanks or Bosses level: Easy, Normal and Insane.

Example: @Tomatiico I have won 16 standard level buggies; I have won 8 insane level tanks; I’ve beaten 6 easy-level bosses. (Bosses are repeated because there are not enough.)

-Farms The farms are bought so that while you are in campaign, ladder or absent these give you Coins, Tokens or XP (since the Tokens and XP are very OP is reduced its time) Its value exceeds the million coins, so you must To be literally millionaire.

Coins Farm:
-2 hours: 20,000 Coins. + 200XP
-4 hours: 30,000 Coins. + 250XP
-8 hours: 50,000 Coins. + 400XP
Farm of Tokens:
-2 hours: 20 Tokens. + 300XP
-4 hours: 30 Tokens. + 350XP
-8 hours: 50 Tokens. + 500XP
XP Farm:
-2 hours: 5,000 XP + 200XP
-4 hours: 10,000 XP + 250XP
-8 hours: 15,000 XP + 400XP
Only one farm of each type is allowed per user.

Si has leĂ­do todo, te felicito y te agradecerĂ­a mucho que dieras tu opiniĂłn y un bonito Like, gracias. Att-DubBass :heart: :point_right::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::ok_hand:

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What’s this :joy:

Dat traductor </3
-Change of coins by tokens