My BD account got deleted


Not just the arena account, the whole thing disappeared. I think it’s brcause I linked my SM account to it.


Yea happens quite often @Alexander maybe able to help


please explain in detail what you did here, there a chance to find the account if you are lucky or hopefully Alex can relink it :slight_smile:

edit: Don’t plant on the same world with a new account. If you do message the admin of that world explaining whats happened:)


I linked it with SM, when I logged back on to BD, it got deleted! Username is Taro47. Now it is Plasma Griffon.


Have you tried logging in with your SM details and also with your BD details? do they both do the same thing now or link to different accounts?


They both do the same.


There was something in the Pins on the discord server about not linking 2 accounts or something but the pins won’t load

EDIT: it loaded

don’t know if helps


Oh god why did I do that?


100% a job for Alex then xD

2 options,

  1. You use this new account you have, it works and is an account you can use! just can’t plant on worlds you already placed.

  2. You message Alex telling him all the details including what you told me here and also what world and in game name you are using. (may be a few days)


This is exactly why that pin exists. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’ll message him, thanks!


I find it really amusing that if any technical problem arises then whether it be the maintenance team or any other admin, all what they do is call @Alexander for help.


only he has access to tools that solve such issues.


The actual issue is we have no tools for it. This is a complicated issue that we have to identify, and figure out how to get around, individually for everyone affected by it.

It’s not really possible to standardize it into a tool :frowning:


I think it is better to make linking the SM account not delete the BD account for the people in the future. I guess I’m just one of the many victims of this issue.



It’s easier said than done, my boy.