My Anti-Physical-and-heat mech build


4 plates give it a higher chance of surviving against physicals.

4 Heat Engines make this mech efficient against heat builds.

This baby’s gonna be a monster when maxed.


One maxed build, coming up (replace the beasts with boots)


enrgy mechs will annihilate ya’ll, even if you have the annihilations and rolin beasts


That’s the point. It be tough against physicals and heats, but dead against energies




I run the same weapon setup,but with 5 plates,2 engines and a booster,full utilities but a teleport.
It’s a variation to your build that you might consider :wink:


What about energy I don’t know


This mech isn’t designed to win against energies. Hence why it’s named “anti-physical-and-heat-mech”