My Ancient Minecraft History

Everyone knows that I am good at minecraft, I hope. I have created this minecraft autobiography to remember my minecraft past, when I was still bad at the game. When I was still learning. I have written the autobiography in third person, and I have decided to share it with everyone. The text size is not completely the same though, because this forum does not have varying text sizes :expressionless:


Made for Minecraft players

A figure popped into existence. Around it, landscape began to spread like flowing water. It was the first time this player has had any experience with the game. Armed with basic knowledge, it began its survival in a strange, blocky land. Who is this figure? Wither_Master999, on his first time of playing Minecraft. The author of this book. Read on to discover what he went through before he became a truly great Minecraft player.


The Very Beginning

The story continues from here, in bedrock edition. At this time, his name was Wither_Master without the nines. Unsure of what to do, he began to explore. He was in a thick roofed forest biome, surrounded by huge, towering trees that covered part of the light. This was a time of the frostburn update. A time where the recent items were out of existence. He continued exploring, chasing a pig out of the forest. Eventually, it led him to an ocean biome, covered in several small, sandy islands. But this was no time to enjoy. Darkness was rising. The monsters were soon to come. Not long after, Wither_Master999 heard the first real sign of danger. The groans of a zombie, not far away. With nothing at all, he began to run. The monsters have multiplied. Soon, there were at least three zombies, followed by a creeper! Hunger had struck. Unable to sprint, death was brought by the evil. The world was discarded.

Discovering the Potentials

Soon after the defeat of survival, Wither_Master999 was determined to do it correctly. He began experiment with all aspects of the game. He studied new blocks and their properties. He found mobs and observed their behaviour. But most of all, he read through the Minecraft Blockopedia, his life saving book. Without it, he would have perished multiple times. He studied cobblestone, wood, crafting tables, and much more. Soon, he was ready for another attempt. The player had returned.

First Successful Survival

Several trees had been cut. The sound of footsteps can be heard. A tiny wooden house stood plainly. It was in another roofed forest, and Wither_Master999 has set up his first base. It was very basic, and prone to attacks, but all good things start with basics. Still in need of more skill and knowledge, he headed down his very short mine. This mine was only about 15 blocks deep. In serious need of iron, he heads down. Wither_Master999 was always very cautious when mining. He had heard stories of players easily being overwhelmed by a swarm of mobs when mining. And at the experience he was at, he sure wasn’t going to risk it. Having only dug 5 blocks in, he found nothing. He headed back into his tiny wooden wall.

Baby Zombie Encounters

By this time, Wither_Master999 had grown more confident and had began having a bit more freedom feeling. He had met five mobs at this time. One was a spider, which he stayed away from, and one was a skeleton, which he killed. He had met three baby zombies at this time. Strangely, two of them were glitched. The first one totally ignored him. It was an easy opportunity to slay his first more advanced opponent. The second one ran straight past him, right into his mine! Wither_Master999 followed. The baby zombie looked up at him, seeming to want to enter the nearby cave noises. Feeling like he was looking for his parents, he left the little green figure alone. The third and last baby zombie had no intention of peace. Wither_Master999 was taking a walk right outside his house, having returned from a tiny journey further from his base. Suddenly, an attack from behind knocked him off the tree he was standing on! Fearing for his life, he swung back with his stone sword. The baby zombie was too small and fast for such a beginner to handle, and Wither_Master999 was defeated. Later, he went back outside to retrieve his dropped items. Luckily for him, the baby zombie had despawned.

Mission of the Bed

In desperate need of obtaining a bed to skip the dangerous night, Wither_Master999 was on the hunt for wool and red dye. Little did he know at this time, that dye was not required to make a bed. He had his dye collected, just as the last slot of his inventory filled up. Looking for a possible way to clear some space, he read his trusty blockopedia. He found the chest page and crafted one. However, because his inventory filled up, he was unable to obtain the chest he crafted. So he placed a button down. Later, he was filled with inventory space. Sadly, Wither_Master999 stopped progress of his first successful survival world at this point, so operation bed obtainment had failed, technically.

Survival with Creeper_Master

It was only a minute after the sun rose in this new world, but the area was already filled with the sound of player hurt noises. A play fight had broken out between the friends Wither_Master999 and Creeper_Master, who had taken inspiration from Wither_Master999’s name. They had started a new world together, with commands on. Wither_Master999 suggested that they got to work instead of wasting health points and time. Soon, the two friends had collected a total of 35 oak logs from the forest they spawned in. Later, they went to the nearby extreme hills biome to find coal. It was the perfect place to spawn. There was a forest and extreme hills for wood and mining, and there was also a plains biome behind the hills. And none of them noticed at this point, but there was a savanna biome if they followed the river, which provided them with fish. They found coal in the side of the mountain, in a dangerous position. They dug into the hill and set up a small base in the cliff face. It was this base design that allowed Wither_Master999 to be able to survive so well much later on.

Continuing with the Work

Because this new world was made on Wither_Master999’s ipad, he was the host of the game. On his own, he continued the hard work of improving the base and gathering resources. In just two days, he had transformed the hole in the cliff to a home carved in the rock, complete with chests, basic windows and a bed. He found wheat and pumpkins and set up his own mini farm. He later dug under the base, creating the beginning of a mine. When Creeper_Master got back, he was amazed! Wither_Master999 was no longer a beginner. He was an intermediate minecraft player.

Major Exploration

Back on his own again, Wither_Master999 began to explore further from home. He discovered a sunflower plain and a wide plain. He followed the river and discovered sugar cane. But the most major thing that he discovered was amazing. One day, he was going along the river. He had been walking for half a day. He managed time well, always heading back when it was noon. But this time, it was different. Just as he was about to turn back, he found a village! But this was no ordinary village. It had been built on one side of a mountain. So half the village was on the bottom of it, and the rest was a long way on the top. Luckily, it wasn’t a steep mountain. Wither_Master999 saw it as if it was a ghost appearing from the distance. What really stood out was a library building that was directly in between the mountain and the lower level, so one side of the wall was standing high above the ground like a tower. Wither_Master999 couldn’t wait to show Creeper_Master what he had found.

First Major Project

Not long after discovering the village, Wither_Master999 began his first major project in the form of a rollercoaster. Because of his inexperience of creating major builds, he let his mind run free. The rollercoaster was a massive success, and a fun coaster to ride. It featured no popular features of other rollercoasters, but had features that came straight from his imagination. It had tight turns, terrifying drops and crazy angles. As well as that, it had a tour of a nether fortress, in that dimension, and a relaxing sky ride over natural terrain. The project would have been in very slow construction after that, and it was never finished. 6 months later of extremely slow work, the rollercoaster came to an end at a rainbow tube.

Settling in the Village

The week after Wither_Master999 had found the village, Creeper_Master once again came to visit the world that they shared. Creeper_Master was impressed with what his friend had found, mainly because he found natural structures exciting. Both Wither_Master999 and Creeper_Master had brought a bed each, taken from their base. Wither_Master999 placed his bed in the building he stayed in for the night when he first discovered the village. Creeper_Master was more interested in settling in the higher parts of the village. As

night-time came, Creeper_Master made the dangerous choice of moving his bed into the library at the top of the mountain. Wither_Master999 warned of the dangers of the night. As a careless player, Creeper_Master did not fear the monsters. Reluctant to leave his friend behind, Wither_Master999 followed his friend into the same building.

Mob Village Visitors

Quite a few mobs had spawned in the village during their stay. One morning, Wither_Master999 and Creeper_Master went out on the hunt for some mobs that spawned overnight. They found two spiders, which were quickly killed. While Wither_Master999 went back up the hill, Creeper_Master spotted a creeper. Feeling careless again, he charged at it, while Wither_Master999 was yelling warnings from above. The creeper exploded, leaving Creeper_Master barely alive and part of a farm destroyed. Not long after, an enderman was spotted. Creeper_Master kept his eyes on the ground as he healed. While Wither_Master999 watched from the top of the mountain, the enderman suddenly let out a shriek and charged towards the top of the mountain. Thinking that he was in danger, Wither_Master999 ran down the other side of the mountain, not caring if he took fall damage or not. He turned around. Right behind him, a tall, dark and enraged figure charged at him. Wither_Master999 fought with all his strength and concentration. The enderman was defeated. Creeper_Master came to his side, congratulating.

Underground Improvements

Alone in the world for the second time, Wither_Master999 began to set up sorcery underground. He made an enchantment room with two times as many bookshelves as it needed. He made a brewing room with everything it needed. As well as that, Wither_Master999 also set up a branch mine underground, the most efficient type of mine for finding ores. He mined every night, often mining until daylight. Wither_Master999 was very careful but efficient miner. He knew all the safety rules and the pros and cons of each mine type. He knew to listen out for noises underground and which level was the best for mining. When Creeper_Master rejoined, he was also determined to improve by mining. While Wither_Master999 was exploring for the day, he carved out a room above the main room to make it his own. When Wither_Master999 returned, he knew trouble. The top room was exposed to the slowly rising moon. It gave monsters access to every point in their base, as long as they walked far enough. Wither_Master999 went down the mines. The following day, as he returned full of useful resources, the top level was complete. It was a stroke of luck that there were no mobs around.

Inferno Dangers

As time went on, so did the improvement of materials. Because both Wither_Master999 and Creeper_Master had a full set of enchanted diamond armour each, along with enchanted diamond swords and bows. Journey had begun in the nether. The portal was set up on a netherrack cliff, in a place where magma cubes commonly spawned. A few minutes walk behind the portal was a nether fortress, resting in the darkness under an overhang of netherrack. Because Creeper_Master was not in the world, Wither_Master999 approached the dangerour construction alone. He killed a blaze guarding the entrance, and entered. Soon, he discovered nether wart, which he already had due to commands, 2 blaze spawners and a chest of loot. Inside was a flint and steel. As Wither_Master999 headed back towards the portal, its purple field had been broken! Because he had been fighting 3 ghasts at the same time when he came, the portal had burst open. However, the luck of this situation had completely turned as he remembered the flint and steel he had found in the chest! Happy with his luck, he stepped inside the portal and returned home. A few real time’s weeks after the portal incident, Wither_Master began having new intentions.

New Beginnings

Wither_Master999 was determined to create another survival world. Although not mentioned in previous sections, Wither_Master999 spent almost all his time alone in the world that he shared with Creeper_Master. The world almost seemed plain old. Determined to have a new beginning, he started up another world, in which was only to be his. As the world generated, Wither_Master999 felt like a new beginning. A new start in a world where he would never turn on commands just for his benefits. A world where he would gather resources properly. A world where he would test his real survival skills. The new world opened up. Wither_Master999 spawned in an extreme hills biome, with a forest next to it. Another perfect spawn point. He carved a base at the bottom of a mountain, and settled for the night.

Speedy Starts

In just 5 in-game days of playing, Wither_Master999 had already found gold ore. He had finished a small wheat farm, and collected some chickens. He also had at least 100 square blocks around his area memorised. The world was to have no cheats to be used, and Wither_Master999 had made quick progress. He had dug a mine down to level 12, and started a trench mine, and although he only fought four skeletons in total, he was already armed with two bows. As well as that, Wither_Master999 had made a boat and travelled down the river, which lay directly in front of his base. This world was not to be long lasted, however, as an even greater surprise awaited him very soon after. It would become the first step towards his modern self.

Completely New Starts

As usual, a world began generating. Trees were placed, biomes were formed and caves were created. But this was different from the other worlds. For the first time, Wither_Master999 was playing minecraft on java edition. The full experience, for computers. No longer could a server not be joined. No longer were the controls fiddly to deal with. But of course, he still had to get used to the java controls. The new world began in survival, with cheats on. There, Wither_Master999 stated the first words in java edition: “This is real minecraft. The full version.” The truth was, there was no “full” version. Editions just varied. But sure, java had slightly more features. Wither_Master999 spawned on a beach, with a huge forest behind him. In front, a huge ocean covered the land. Seeing a large sandy island a long way into the sea, Wither_Master999 gathered wood planks and headed towards the island. And when he got there, he could not believe his luck…

Island Living

As soon as he stepped onto the sand, a village, in the middle of the ocean, occupied the island. For Wither_Master999 saw this as the perfect place to survive. Right on his doorstep, villagers waited to trade with him. He could go harvesting crops as a free source of food. On one side of the island, the mainland was only a few blocks away. And he could always create a tree farm when he needed wood. For a house, placed a bed, crafting table, furnace and torches in a butcher’s house, given to him through commands. Better safe than sorry! Later, he expanded the house, creating more room and giving himself a better place to live. He went back to the mainland and collected dirt and saplings, which he put on the island. As well as that, he created a simple bridge to the mainland, where he started a mine. Unfortunately though, things were about to go wrong. Very wrong.

Opposite Outcome

That night, Wither_Master999 went into his mine and began mining. He planned to stay in it until morning. However, he hears the sounds of groaning zombies not far away, and wished to ensure the maximum safety of his villagers. So he tried a command to kill every hostile mob. This is where it goes wrong, as you might have guessed. He forgot to add the command fragment that kills specifically one type of mob. As soon as the command was issued, every living being died. Wither_Master999 now had to run along the mainland to his mine, to retrieve his items. He got to his mine, then heard more zombies in the distance. While trying to work out the correct command to kill all zombies, he was chased by a creeper. If he didn’t do a command now, he would die a second time. So he did the same command, to kill all entities. This time Wither_Master999 discovered his big mistake. As well as killing himself and the hostile mobs, it also killed the villagers, as well as his unclaimed items. He had lost everything. Giving up, he deleted the world to attempt a successful life elsewhere.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Not long after deleting the perfect opportunity world, Wither_Master999 began experimenting with multiplayer. He wanted to play with other people, not just himself. He had enjoyed playing with Creeper_Master, who was now in a different school. He had been informed about an extremely popular server called hypixel, with the server address Interested in playing multiplayer again, Wither_Master999 added the server. There, he dramatically increased his minecraft skills, due to the large amount of varied games that taught many skills. His favourite games were the games zombies and party games at first, but then moved on to all sorts of games. Month after month of playing on hypixel, both Wither_Master999’s skills and experience with multiplayer improved.

First Big Java Edition Project

When he finally found the ideal world to settle down into proper survival, Wither_Master999 really got into it. He spawned in a village and progressed very well. After, he left the village and decided to build a big spruce house on a floating island. After turning into creative mode and finishing the house, Wither_Master999 was not impressed enough. He started thinking BIG . This was the point where he once again spoiled his perfect survival world. However, it was beyond worth it. After 30 hours of hard work, he created a huge, dazzling modern house in the middle of a plains biome. It had 4 levels, including an underground level which had all the more “evil” stuff. There was a top layer for stargazing, which was the size of the entire house, and it was positioned behind a lake, which was its natural swimming pool. The first floor housed the kitchen and living room, while the second floor was all bedroom. There was a grand staircase beside the house, leading into the second floor, a fountain with a lamp in the lake and an outside dining area over the water, right next to the fountain. A few weeks after its completion, it was upgraded on the outside, which had included an extremely decorative marble walkway, some deck chairs, a large beach umbrella and the fountain and dining area.

“This is the best construction I ever made!” Wither_Master999

Real Survival

After losing two perfect survival worlds, Wither_Master999 set up a world without commands, so that he could not turn it into creative mode. He spawned in a forest biome, where there was an extreme hills biome nearby. This was once again the perfect spawn point, considering his old but very successful strategy. He headed towards the extreme hills after gathering a decent amount of wood, and mined coal off the side of a mountain. There, he built his base, which was to become his home for the next year. Because of the abundance of iron, Wither_Master999 had no trouble obtaining full iron armour, taking only 3 in-game days. This world was like no other. For the next real life year, extreme survival would be taking place in this world.

Extreme Natural Landscape

3 weeks later, Wither_Master999 set off to explore, hoping to create a base elsewhere. His objective was to dominate a very large area of the overworld, setting up proper bases every kilometre. However, this was easier said than done. On the first of his travels traveling south, Wither_Master999 discovered a truly fantastic structure. It was a huge spike of rock at least 30 blocks tall, reaching out of the ocean like a monster of the deep. It was without hesitation that this landform was to be his first base away from his home. Wanting to climb to the top, Wither_Master999 dug a staircase through and in the walls of the structure, careful not to ruin its natural shape. In the end, the top was reached, and the island was claimed by a cross on the very top block. On the cross, there was a sign, naming the island after its discoverer. Mount Wither_Master999.

Desert Discovery

After a month’s rest, he was off again, this time heading north. He passed a jungle biome, where he collected melons and cocoa beans. Feeling braver about the success of his previous travel, Wither_Master999 did not pack as much equipment, and travelled much further from home. He brought with him 3 stacks of cobblestone to make a base, some food, armour, weapons, torches and a bed. He was traveling light, to his standards. He travelled until he decided that the time has come to build a shelter before night came. However, this plan was never laid out. Right in front of him was a village, with an ocean behind it. To the right of the village, a desert temple stood. In the ocean, behind the village, there was a good sized island, where he would much later build a smaller version of his modern house. Taking the house of a librarian, he settled down for the night.

Second Major Base

Because the village was such a good place to settle in, he even built a horse pen for his horse and installed a furnace and mine into one of the houses. After 2 weeks, he felt like a regular member of the village, having to share food with the villagers and trade with them. He had looted the desert temple, where he had found gold, enchanted books, gold horse armour and some other small prizes such as string and gunpowder. He also explored the surrounding area, where he found a nearby savanna biome, and a river. He then took a boat and travelled at least 400 blocks west and discovered a beach, so perfect it looked like something out of a custom map. He planned to settle in the area, but it was never done, since it was so far from everything. And plus, it was like setting up a base far from a base far from home!

Aquatic Update Treasures

The aquatic update had been released, and Wither_Master999 was already excited at the new features. He had discovered the first ever mob fish in the river next to his house, and there was kelp and sea grass in the previously empty ocean. But most of all, he found 3 amazing things. There was a shipwreck that supplied him with a treasure map. There was an underwater ruins, with a single building that was not submerged underwater. That single building had a chest, which contained yet another treasure map! Wither_Master999 followed the closest chest. He found it an hour later, after a lot of digging. Inside was good loot, although there were no diamonds. There was also a heart of the sea, which was never used. Nevertheless, the whole update had opened a new world to water related features, which were extremely plain before.

Second Major Java Build

Wanting again to build a truly amazing creation, Wither_Master999 once again set to work. He searched for ideas ad inspiration online, and came to the conclusion of building a cruise ship that was the mini version of a map in a Hypixel mini-game. He selected water world for this build, and got to work. This creation took only 15 hours to build, due to the fast placement of blocks and experience on creating structures. Wither_Master999 had difficulty forming the shape of the bow, which took up more than a tenth of the time. The contents of the cruise ship included a control room, a cabin room, a dining room and a relaxing room on the roof of the ship. Because proper cruise ships take days for even 20 people to create, the one Wither_Master999 built was only a tenth of a real cruise ship. It could hold up to 12 passengers, with an unset amount of crew. Despite its tiny size, Wither_Master999 was proud of his creation, claiming it looking almost like a full size one.

“I’m finally done with this project!” Wither_Master999

Major Survival Construction

During the construction of the cruise ship, a new idea had hit. Wither_Master999 now had decent materials in his main survival world, without cheats. He had full enchanted diamond armour, and had survived on the world for a year. He wanted to test his survival equipment. So he set himself the heavy task of replicating his modern house, in his survival world. Quartz was in short supply, so stained clay was issued. The house was built on the island behind his village, which was at a good size. There were only two floor this time, a living room and a bedroom. However, the location was much better than the previous house. The finished product was a good looking house, but felt small on the inside. But for Wither_Master999, the house was a success, largely due to the amount of clay used, which was extremely elusive. With 15 stacks of clay and 3 stacks of stained glass, a bright island house stood proudly next to the plain desert, but blended in well with the colourful ocean.

New Survival Series

At this point Wither_Master999 was almost the same as he is now. Soon after the island house had been complete, the village and pillage update had been released. Wither_Master999 had been hoping that his village would be updated, but it didn’t. Not knowing the cause, he kept playing for a while, but then got bored. He started another world without cheats, and spawned in a jungle biome. Hoping for a better place to build he headed towards a plains biome 100 blocks away. There, he built himself a wooden house with no roof, and crafted some iron armour. He also conquered a nearby ravine by lighting it up completely. Soon after, he started but didn’t finish a wheat farm next to a small lake. This is all that has been done for now, as it has reached modern times.

First Realm

The news of a popular realm had been going on in Wither_Master999’s class. Everyone who played minecraft in his class had been joining. And Wither_Master999, being unofficially the best minecraft player in his class, had been invited to join too. This was extremely recent, only in the past week. Upon the world being loaded, almost everyone was on the server just for Wither_Master999’s sake. However, they did or did not communicate with him. He started off attacking some players, to test who’s PvP was better. The only problem was that some were either using hacks or had been granted creative mode. Later, he started griefing and even blew a creeper crater in the wall of the admin’s house. Later, he stole diamond equipment and ran away. The wither was out of control. It all came to a stop when he decided to go straight, and give back the items. He was given a warning, but was not any worse than some others, who had already received two.


This minecraft autobiography was finished on the 13th of August, 2019. No more work is to be done on this autobiography, as to preserve Wither_Master999’s past. It was written in a week, without anyone reading it, until it would go into the public, which may not happen. Wither_Master999 hopes everyone has enjoyed reading this long article.



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