My account was taken by ELITE PLAYER


he is in reign reforged and has taken my account after claiming to get me tokens. I unfortunately wont be able to beta test until i can hopefully recover my account. please help thanks.


First off NEVER give your account to another player.
This is something we can’t really help with as we don’t keep account information.
You can try to recover your password with the Forget Password link?


pls Sara help Phantom, he is telling the truth, i am a witness, he changed Phantom’s email and he cant log in.Phantom has visual evidence.


I tried and once i get the new password the account i log into isnt mine it gos by the name of “meteor L drago{histure}” this account is an alternate account of “ELITE PLAYER” who stole my account. He changed my email so i cant recover my password. Isnt there anything you can do? I spent hundreds on my “PhantomSteel” account.



This must be a lesson for everyone in game, TRADE IS NOT ONE WAY TO GET BETTER ITEMS!!!

Trade include give acc for get tokens, SM, myths, or just a mech balance.

We say it a lot in game, on chat… Dont trust in this guy who say: “who want 15000 tokens for free”, “who want hack for 1 hit kill”, “who want X number of myths”, “i give away mi acc, pm me”.

But people like you don’t listen, and after be scamed comes here to try @Sarah247 or another person fix your mistakes.

By the way, if someone will gift you tokens, he don’t need your User and Pass, he only need your id.



Glad I can be an example. You aren’t helping though.


I don’t think there’s any way to recover the account unless you can break the password for the e-mail, then change it to something else than before (unless you want the guy to log in again).


Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done quite honestly. You fell for a scam :disappointed_relieved:

Good advice from my old man. “Nothing worthwhile is ever free”

You asked a good question at the start. "Why do you need my password?"
The issue is, you didn’t realize… there was absolutely no reason to give him your password. If he truly wanted to gift you free tokens, he could of done so. There was absolutely no reason for you to give out your account info. He had 1 purpose. To steal your account. And unfortunately, you literally gave it to him :sweat: As Sarah stated, try doing the “recover password” feature. But if the guy was smart, he’d simply change your email as well (which is why I’m sure you still haven’t gotten it back).

There is nothing that can be done here as was stated though. We do not keep your account information. Passwords are passwords for a reason. It’s meant for you and you only so that people can’t access your account willy nilly. I wish you the best. Please pass on the info though. NEVER give away your password to anyone. If you do, you risk having your account stolen. And there’s nothin we can do bout it to help you.


Greed is deadly ,See you lost your Mechs
I would never Risk my dear Mechs for tokens


Now elite CLAIMS he will give Phantom his acc back if he become co ladder on reign re, NO WAY now he is taking advantage of mr.Lannister too?? Sara phantom sent the visual evidence pls help you know that elite’s stealing is proved.


Your own solution here that you’re asking for is to basically have both accounts banned. You “want” phantom to get his account back, but that’s not possible. It is now elites because he gave away his info. Therefore, banning elite now includes banning phantoms account.


now he says he will never give the acc back to Phantom :(:disappointed_relieved:


Welp, you got scammed badly.

You *should* change your password on other websites if you use the same password for your SM account. If you can’t remember different passwords, then at least use different “combinations”, for example if you use the password “examplepassword” on “site 1” you should use “ExamplePassword1” on “site 2”…


lol typical Reign, some accs of my members was stolen too and then join to Reign


YES, he is taking advantage of lannister telling him he will give phantom acc back if he become c ladder but he told me in pm he will never give that ac back


he is taking advantage of mr.Lannister :frowning:


Reign Reforget cheaters and hackers!


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:I never tryed to be helpfull, because when i say: DONT SAY TO HIM OR ANY PERSON YOUR PASS ON CHATS, trying to help people to not be scamed, guys like you dont listen and become scamed.

Reing, Shiro or any other clan are not responsible for his players, so say than he want be co-leader (things than in game dont exist) or take advantage of someone… is just… nonsensse… The acc will no return like you want, why? you broke the rules of game: trading is not allowed and never give other person your pass, user, email, etc. in exchange of hacking tools or free stuff.

And last, if that guy return the acc to the owner, i promise you, will be with only 1 drainer or unusable items (yeah will fuse all your items, spend all your tokens and SM) just for fun.


Leader must be responsible for players in his clan. I had to kick Draco (aka Cry, Meow and etc. cheat accs) when I found out that he was cheating.