My Account Resset?


Guys a few moments ago I just happened to something extremely strange and I want me to respond tactisoft for this, I was playing a few games in sand cunaod a moment ago suddenly I realize that I use a top gun and did not respond the game besides that As you know I use a Diamodn Shell Tanky and see my resistance said that I had no physical resistance had 5 explosive and -4 electrical but that is not the rarest thing but I said to myself that maybe someone came to my account I did not like and I went Quickly to change my password and when between again to my account both the mismechs configurations and the amount of gold and TOKENS returned to those of a few weeks ago, I thought it was someone worse the configuration was exactly the same as before Put the new campaign equal to the amount of tokens that had at that time and it seems unfair to me that by that error lost little more than 400 tokens because it had approximately 480 that had gu Ardado for the next promotion and another thing was that the campaign was the same as a few minutes cunaod I did some missions then if it was that for some reason had returned everything until a week ago there was no problem could recover lso tokens returning to play the worlds reset But as if these did not undergo changes of truth was very strange and I would like an early solution and if I will frank `` compensation ‘’ part of tactisoft for my lost tokens I do not like to disguise or appear and unfortunately for the country in which I live no I can load tokens so I would like to have the tokens and the gold that I lost that I had about 700k gold that are not so important but man so little is so little and now I only have 78k excuse me if I am very frank but these are things that Should not happen and for something this forum to report bugs and other unusual things that one is sorry for the inconvenience and I hope a soon answers that have good no Ches and again excuse my frank.


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