My Account is banned from BD


Right so I was minding my own business, I had gone to bed early to catch up on sleep after a 3 ticker, and now I wake up to this:

Can anyone help me? I’m definitely NOT a spambot (At least I hope I’m not :rolling_eyes:).


Shouldn’t talk so much trash! Tut tut!


Whoopsie! Looks like you got caught up with the 500 bots we just purged from the old forums. What’s the username of the account? I’ll have it unbanned in a moment!





You should be unbanned now! :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch! This turned into a meme on our chat already :head_bandage:


Carter was obviously haxing. #RebanCarter


Gotcha. Re-banned! :+1:


:upside_down: kill me please


Dont worry. Everyone can :slight_smile: you cant get on


Did you do Something Did you Trade someone and you dont give correct information


Why are we doing #kickcarter, when #bancarter has been here all along?!


Because this is irrelevant, duh


Please i think carter should be banned, he bullys me


He’s been banned before laderino


I got banned today actually, making it the 9th or 10th time so far


no dw :slight_smile: it just memes


Everything is just good if carter is banned :slight_smile: