My account has recently been hacked somehow


because this seems like the most active chat in the forums, i would like to request some help from my fellow players.

My account has recently been hacked somehow, and i did not give away the password or username or anything so im not sure what happened.

The hacker is called Arc Klown SM and I would appreciate it if you guys can help me in any way possible to get it back. If not, please get the account banned because I don’t need someone disrespecting my account.

the ID: 13889563

Please! Remove the legacy shield from the game!

here is some picture evidence of the name change.

My account was a FB account so I had no clue how he gained access to it.


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I’ll appreciate anything, just ruin this person. I really don’t care about the account because i rarely play


i did. He posted his new account which is mine.

His acc giveaway is another hacked account from GODZILLA


Mate I’d suggest taking all evidence you’ve got and this persons IGN/GT and sending it to @Sarah247 via a PM.

This is neither the place nor time for these types of things.

when u low-key faster than E, hehe


ok thanks at least now i have the info on who to talk to


Send message to support … they say it´s almost impossible to hack an account if you don´t give your password … so they will check it to see what happened.

Quiet. Everything has a solution. But insist. Defend your work!


thx, means a lot coming from one of the oldest players