My account has been hacked


my account has been hacked by a hacker please message me so i can tell u information admins


Just do this @Sarah247 If you needed an admin’s help.

Other things that I wanted to ask and to be (hopefully)answered as well:

  • Did you trade accounts?If so, you were scammed. There is no way of retrieving it. Either just ban the hacker ( I prefer scammer though as my term ) and ban the account that he got ( which was yours ) or not.

  • @Sarah247 is hacking accounts even possible?

  • Who’s the “hacker” you’re referring to?

I can’t think of anyways on how do players hack and steal one another’s account :confused:


Well it’s easy to scam kids. Specialy if you are just specialised in doing so.
about hacking accounts… there are softwear out there that in the right hands can easy hack accounts.