My acc was deleted


I forgot to set my acc on vacances mode and my acc was deleted :confused:



We don’t really delete accounts, is it possible the world simply reset?

Your account is pretty much permanent, but your colonies (the named ones you place on “worlds”, also called “servers”) delete end of the era.

Is it possible that happened?

They also do delete eventually, after about 2 weeks, they send you an email before that though, and even then you keep your account and achievements!


i had to play about 3 months and when i login it was making me create an new acc


Thats a ruler.

BattleDawn is divided into worlds (servers), each have eras. Every few weeks/months it starts over, but you keep your achievements, medals, tokens and of course friends on the new one :slight_smile:


I didnt know, i thought it deleted my progress because i didnt have my castle and it said i had to create a new one