My acc was banned or locked unfairly

Hello, my acc is set not to be activate .I wanted to change my email for protecting my acc from some possible scammers and also because i couldnt login my email i 've put on my acc, while trying to change it looks like something went wrong and my acc was locked.Pls unlock it, it is my favourite acc and the only one I have with clan medals that i worked hard to get, pls unlock it and give it back to me!

could someone pls reply? have you guys blocked me? I demand to have my acc back! It is my favourite one and I need help and replies! I am waiting that long and no one is replying to my messages or post for this!

@Sarah247 Can you please help Manolis out to see if it is possible to get his account back.

And Manolis, there are only a few people who can assist you with this issue. Forum moderators have no ability to help you here, so them responding won’t do you any good. Those who can help you are not those that are on the forum 24/7. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but please be patient as we wait for the right people to be able to assist you in your problem. If the account got locked, it was likely due to a different issue. Not because someone on the SM team did so.

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Hello, and thanks for replying to this, I’ve sent email to Tacticsoft for helping, So is there a way to get my acc back soon? I really miss it :worried:

ok, listen what happened, I went to change my email, and after done i think i need to confirm something for activating it, but to the email ive puted nothing was sent, if i must login my before email i cant, it is old and i just created it for registering, so is there an other way to activate it? report these to sarah or ppl that can help, i cant lose my acc :frowning:

So the activation email goes to the new email i’ve put in my acc when changing it?

i found the mail, sorry i annoyed you i just didnt search very good to the incoming messages, but thanks for help