My acc got stolen?

I dont know why i cant log in, help me!!
This is the pictures

Maybe server dont work every day at this time


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Most of been dumb enough to give your info to someone.

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@Krystal… You have no idea how the account thieves work … but I’ll give you an example …

Suppose you have a trusted friend in messenger. A friend of those who if he asks something to you, you first give it to him and then questions why. Someone that everyone appreciates him and all have for an excellent person.

Now suppose that your friend’s acc was stolen and this friend send you in messenger: “please, would you lend me your acc for a few minutes”? And you lend it to him, because you trusts him.

And it turns out that a few minutes ago your friend´s messenger, forum account and email was hacked, but you did not know.

And your acc is stolen.

You have been the victim of a fraud. Like millions of people in this world, businessmen, professionals, ordinary people, no one is free to be deceived, no matter how smart you think you are.

Now, Tacticsoft will not do anything to return your account in 90% of cases, because they believe that if you voluntarily gave your password, then you have no right to claim. It’s like saying, a thief entered your home because you left the door open, then we’re not going to do anything with the thief, it was your fault. But it’s not like that.

Important thing about all this is, that you should never think that people who deliver the password do so out of stupidity. Many do it because they are good people, because they have no evil, because are not distrustful. And remember that no one, not the most cautious or distrustful of all, is free of fraud.


Moral of the story: Don’t give your account to anyone. Ever. Unless they ask you in real life. Then, give them the info in real life.


Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Use different keys for your account in the game and your account in forum. That way if your acc is stolen, you can always access the forum.

  • Keep proof of your transactions if you have purchased tokens, credit card , phone bill detail, etc.

  • The email account with which you have registered in the game, should be used in another site known as facebook or twitter.

  • If after you gave your password, the thief sends you a link do not open it! It is likely that when you open it you are validating the new email address that they have placed in your acc.

100% correct !


Unfortunately in this world there are people like you who confuse goodness and good faith with stupidity.

In my country there is a saying for that “the one who has it done, has the suspicion”. You become suspicious for 2 reasons: 1. when you or someone in your inner circle has been victim of a theft at some time. Although that doesn´t ensure that u will fall again if the thief uses another method. And I can assure you creativity of delinquents has no limits. 2. When you yourself know all the tricks to deceive others.

Good luck, I hope you never meet another more “awake” than you. Because for one who thinks is very smart, there is always another smarter one.

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Amen! Very well said !

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Try writng them correct :stuck_out_tongue:

Whether or not you’re an idiot or it happened by accident, what’s done is done…

Sucks for you, deal with it, start over, give up, actually do something with your life…

tfw when reality hits you hard :joy:

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