My 7th mythical item





Congratulations another person who will survive more battles with that module. Look, I introduce you to my troll friend who also has this module. @Cuenta_Personal ;v


Hello, I hope that someday we will see each other in pvp


I will stay away from you.

If we meet in arena I will quit instantly.



Yes i hope the same thing see you in battle


go to chat I just want to see your mechs


Okay what is your ign
and wait for me to finish my arena fight first


I already reach the chat I’m x


Okay be right there one second


can u not spam the global chat please? k thanks


This is not the time nor place for these types of messages. If you have a problem with how he/she carries themselves. Take it up with them in PMs.


thats pretty much all I had to say… so u won’t be seeing me say anything like that anymore


You Italian?
Pls dont acctualy