My 1500+ tokens on premium box sales!


I’ll make a youtube vid about it soon!


God,why now of all times?
I’ve got none whatsoever!


How many tokens do u have?


Hopes I can get a premium plating





I am gonna try to get somewhere around 2k tokens


I have 1000 tokens! Its time to get some legendaries


I have 22…


Here’s the video:)


How easy you got the legendary resistance!

Opening an average of 3 boxes a day for 6 months (calculate between 90 and 100 boxes per month), plus all the free boxes of campaign and those granted by SM, I have only been able to obtain 1 platinum plate and a legendary resistance only physical !

Lately I have seen that many players carry this legendary multi-resistance, to me it´s still too difficult. I insist that there is a problem with my account.


That’s something I’ve been thinking of for the past couple months. Given that any legendary I get is always a leg torso. Or maybe one shit l+m weapon.

Yet more newer accounts are able to get plat plates, max protectors, good l+m weapons easily. It’s almost like older accounts suffer the more they age imo.


But my acc is 1 year and 11 months old, it´s not that old. And I have seen accounts of my time or older that nevertheless carry everything.

But if that were the case, then they would have to correct this urgently, because at this time, not having legendary multi resistances or platinum plates, puts you in an extremely disadvantageous position in front of other players.


Today was a good day!

I got:
Mighty Protector
Reckoning :grin:
2nd Desert Fury
Seraph Blade
Nightmare (L)
Chromium Crushers (L)
Devouring Paws (L)

This has been my best opening yet!


can elcent split the topic and move it to youtube vids?


God damn it,I have 22 tokens and can’t get s*** while people get L-M Protectors!


i only have 68 tokens bc i spent them all on stupid paint jobs


You got SeraphBlade…
My fav sword xD


only epicas not even for that I save if in the end they will give me lodgings, nor legend kk


I THINK based on you-tube and experience videos that the higher level you are, the better rarity and items, you get.
So maybe this is why they don’t publish the drop chance as it is variable.
If this is true, then it would also be safe to assume this is not a linear chance change (much like raid scores).


Level can be de-bunked, given I’ve seen people at different levels receive legendaries. Be them good or bad.

I do have another theory, PVP ranking, although I’m sure that can be ruled out too since even rank 1-3’s get ripped off. It’s something else.


Is it that hard to enlist it like:

For level 1:n% common,m% rare,p% epic,q% legendary

for level 10: w x y z


for level 150: a b c d

If not from 10 to 10 levels,at least from 50 to 50 levels…
We could use a point of refference…