Muting SuperMechs side of the forum


Edit: If you would like SM muting please message me directly

Used to like the forum but now feel BattleDawn has been buried by the constant stream of SuperMechs?

Just mute the SuperMechs side through your profile preferences.

If you want I can do this for you. Just let me know by putting yes on the poll below.

Before SM muted:

After SM muted:

  • Please block SM for me
  • I like seeing the SM and BD stuff

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Reminder to people that this is for BD folks, you don’t need to vote for seeing it if you’re an SM player, that’d be redundant


miss me with that gay SM shit, this forum is for hardcore players only


wait wtf

is burner alive?



Thank you Elcent for doing this for the BD community that does not participate in SM.


Pls do
20 character s



Apparently yes im back and healthy.
Checking the forums again, I’ll be back in february hopefully.


In future if I decide to play SM as well, then I hope reversing of this is also not an issue?


up to you to do that.
All you need to do is go to your profile settings, catergories and then unmute the sections. Takes 1min tops.


Or you can ask a mod/admin and it is quick to do.


#TheBurner is back!