Mute feature in forums


apparently there is some mute feature? how do i use it and what does it do?


Theres a dude that likes my posts and i dont want him liking my posts since he never replies to them or talks. Just likes them. And im showing up on his page as one of the most-liked. But i dont like him or being liked by him. How 2 blocc?


mute feature just stops notifications. You can find it within your profile settings, notifications.


@KilliN :slight_smile:


i don’t really care lol

Edit1: strange because i usually only like posts in the supermechs area


I was just joking… :smiley:


RALFMAN is the one that said i was implying you, Killin


I already got warned for liking many posts from the BD same players. I was being annoying to the community.

So i’m kinda astounded with that.