Multitasking challenge


20 Likes and i will try to put supermechs on every computer in my classroom


Holy crap, I can’t even run 2 accounts without it lagging


I can’t even run a Single account without it lagging


i can’t even run


Does this forum even have 100 users from SM?
I feel like there are always only the same like 20 truely active users and maybe 30 or so once-in-a-while users from SM here.


Me, you, ,Wep, cyanine, gorgon, trophy, Chicken, Winz, Sean, dankmementos (though inactive in SM), besty, Mr E, Ricemech, Yeet (when not suffering mutes and bans), Yoyo, Jam, rrr, no_on_here, 2ab, Alejandro, grosboss, Rikka, PyroBlitz, Kn0Tn0YT, KilliN, Pleasurebot, Trojan, Brennan, El_Metre, Eneginner, 11_11, Burkeomatic, Rovo, UchihaMadara, Skiller-Legendary, magicmech20, wpotw, yggm, DuduSantos, sm_player, L4K3, Kitsune, ingenium92, Chlorophyllic, dwightx, shabbadoo, Misfit, Trafalgar, AURAINTEGRA, cousin_joe, ultravortex, 0ld_supermechs_user, santaclemente, MCG_567_YT, jenishrunner, martymar, destroy8839iii, ddark_515k, THE-REAPER-AYOUB, willybobhero, Battlesquid, ArmaKaiser, 11160, Angello, TheDoctor, TheBlackMan, Andernut, Transcendant, Mechzilla, Dovydas_Dovydas, Angello, ShadowOfDeath, Miron_Mironvich, Marija, Ruben, destoyer8.0, rc1, David_Jojua, modemer, Xyre, Soylent, Antonio_Ortega

That’s 82 and I tried to only include people who’s accounts were over 2 months old and have posted in the past 24 hours. I only did this because I was bored, not to counteract your statement specifically, so take no offence. :slight_smile:

And yes, this took me quite awhile. :joy:


Okay,like goddamn goals fam i ain’t doing it.
But holly molly that’s a lot.


I can’t even walk lol.


I don’t feel like people is interersted on watching him play SM in 12 Screens though, It only got 10 likes


I can’t even exist


I can’t even E


I can’t even.


I can’t E


I can


I can’t meme ‘‘E’’





Lmao :rofl::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: you have a like for me lol.


Nope,the maximum of likes that has been recorded belongs to the Max Mythical thread,81 likes.
But that includes many players/users that have quit.Right now,the max amount a thread could get is around 60.

And honestly,this thread hardly deserves 20.


changed likes from 100 to 20