Multiple ways to balance pads


Good eves/morning, I’m here to present varieties of ways to balance pads. Hopefully the developers could hear this out and take it into account, as pads are just too imbalanced. It’s a bummer to lose to pads, we all know. And we players had posted too many topics regarding pads. But has something been done? Please, do things right and hear us out.

Anyways, here are some of my ideas on how to balance it.

  1. Changing Location
    ~ This by far is the best and most simple way to start things in balancing pads. The location of the pads would change every 2 turns.

  2. Costs for using a pad
    ~ If you’ve used a 30% damage buff, the weapon would generate 30% more heat or energy. If you’ve used a 50% heat/energy damage, the weapon used on a pad would generate 30% more heat or energy.

  3. Adding pads that decreases your mech’s efficiency
    ~ A pad that gives negative effects on your mech could be interesting. Here are some examples:

-> -20% damage/-30% Heat Damage and/or Energy Damage
-> -20/-10 resistance pads (Note: If you’re using a God Mode and using this pad, your resistance wouldn’t raise from -24 to -4 or -14. It would add up so that means you’ll get -44 resistance)
-> 60% More Heat Generated/Energy Consumed Pads
-> Disable Weapons Pad (Depends on what variety you’re using. If it’s a physical, you can’t use physical weapons and etc.)
-> No Stomp Pads (If you stood on one of these, you can’t stomp)

Okay that’s about it. If you think the “Pads that decrease your mech’s efficiency are OP”, don’t forget about how they would change locations every 2 turns. (Not only that, there will be different pads).

But seriously though, we do not need anything new like new UI’s or new fancy looking cards, what we need is action regarding pads because it’s game-breaking and stupid.

Sure, just bluff “Then you do not know how to use them and how to keep your opponents away from the pad”. But you cannot change the fact that they’re easily abuse-able and annoying.

~ Bluz


No, just get rid of them.


For 1 and 3 I’m with you


After the spending hours reading this , the game receive a new update …
NEW MYTH ADDED : Lava sprays mk3 ( Jokes intended )