Multiple use of teleport and grappling hook


Username elektroshok. He used 2 hooks and 2 teleports on me, is he a cheater, or is there a glitch?


Here is a shot of him.


Could be legacy items. I have a double use teleport and hook. They don’t do much damage and weight quite a bit but can be useful.


it deffinitely is legacy items.

the old mythical hooks and teles had two uses.


Shouldnt we all have an opportunity to get them then?



These are the items.

You can see that the damage is considerable lower than the new ones and the hook has a limited range.


LoL not unless you can travel back in time to get them.

I got all that crap too but I don’t bother using it, not yet anyway. Shields, Hooks, Teleports,
I never liked shields


He has a legacy item(items that are no longer available in the new version of SuperMechs) Before they upgraded SuperMechs they used to have teleports and grappling hooks that you could use twice the person your playing has an old account and that’s why he still has these old items.


Perhaps a thread should be made to ask for these to be re implemented?


Yea I would like that!!!


SwiftTerminator, keep in mind if they do add 2 or even 3 uses the damage power will drop a lot. 2 uses with a mild DMG drop would be ok, but when does anything work out like it should here :stuck_out_tongue:


The reason the damage is less is becuase this type of teleport was made back when 1000hp was boss.


No, I mean ANY old stuff like teleport or hook Mythic LVL that had 2 movement. If TS remakes into a NEW add on to SM will have much less in power than our new currently used hook/teleport just to compensate for that extra move.