Multiple Mech Battle


Im kinda new to supermechs, playing for abit over a month. So I dont know if someone already sugjested this.

You just introduced mandatory 2 mech battle. In the future you can upgrade this so that you can do battle with 2 or more mechs at the same time.
The battle view would be from above, sort of like a chess board and certain weapons would have certain range and you could attack once per round each round.
It would be tactically verry interesting because moving on the battlefield would be done in 2 dimensions (only 1 atm) and you would have to chose which mech to attack 1st and if you would do that with all your mechs or…

Anyways, let me know what you think & if you need more info to get the feal for the idea.
You can always add me on skype: pprrfan.

Keep meching & see ya around.

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Oh no.

If you @JohnyMars are the @jonny I am thinking about, we will have very soon exactly that “update” :exclamation:

Pretty new forum account for such a “great” suggestion :exclamation:



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Im not the @jonny your thinking about.

As I said Im new. I’m all about “great” ideas. But yea I think the admins will prolly keep the current method of gameplay for a while, since they just implemented it.

But I think this would be a welcome upgrade in the not so far future since the added gameplay complexity would be huge compared to the programming work needed to do this.