Multiple Destinations for squads!

There should be a new feature in BD , we should have the ability two increase the number of destinations for a squad . as the squad/squads land on first op it should automatically launch on the 2nd destination… This will help BD players a lot . Please reply if u like it , if not please tell Why… Regards…

Nope dont like it.
If squads launch the moment they land it will be much harder to kill those squads.The only way then will be to capture the destination it is going to.

I think someone suggested the same thing awhile ago on these forums, and the same response as last time is that it doesn’t make sense. What if you suddenly need to go to a new op or something. It doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t like it because when you sleep (I mean, if you sleep) or if you’re unable to log you can literally launch at 15 different things ETA 2 and never be killed.

What if u launch at the last destination and kill?

…how will you know what the last destination is going to be?

It could be done. The real question is how game breaking this could be. If we limit the idea to ONLY 1 additional move after, it could be deal-able. BUT, part of what makes this game challenging is the fact that you need to be active. So pros/cons.
This idea allows for players to be less and still do well. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing however, is questionable. Some might say it takes away too much of the challenge, therefore making the game less satisfying. But at the same time, many often say burnout is a huge issue and this could help alleviate that a bit.


Now , when u move squads destination is shown

The squads complete route should be shown in case of multiple destination this will make balance… If the guy turns it the squads shud stay at the last destinatation before turning :slight_smile: