Multiplayer item shop


ok this shop will let us sell, trade and buy from other players in the game
and we get be like merchants

Exchanging items

Sounds good, doesn’t work
Would get abused a lot


Please read the forums a bit
Trading is heavily disagreed by everyone in the player base


Can you calm down again?
I know that your sister is annoying you but seriously,agree with someones opinion and don’t attack it.


Boi just flag him




it already been suggested but refused, since players would trade between accounts too much…


no trading should EVER exist…
just saying


In other words, it’s a trade system. No, no, no and no.


sorry just had a really bad day
my computer got a virus then had to do some crazy stuff to get it fix and then my sister went in to douch bag mode then i had to stand the heat because of a black out it took 8h for the power to be back


I really get the nerves but that really has nothing to do with it.


look i really need my own punching bag ok i don’t have the $$$$$ to buy one and i don’t want to go to a gym because of the smell of sweat every where ok


Good idea… but what will happen if it bugs on? and lets use the shop whit gold.