Multi players battle on the same stage


Yay, a even longer waiting time :smiley:


also it would need A LOT better pc than i am having now…:wink:


You keep saying if you dont like it others will- but so far no one has seemed to like it


I actually like this Idea.
How about, its a 2v2, but the arena is expaned by 6 spaces, as you said, and pretty much you have two turns like a normal battle, you can choose 1 mech to do both turns or do both mechs, each 1 turn. When attacking you can hit any mech in your range.


I find it as a great idea!

2 years ago, when I started playing SM I thought that battles of 2x2 & 3x3 was really like this … I was disappointed when I saw that they played individually … it was as if the game no longer had so much brightness…


Cool idea and the drones can ignore line of sight because they are flying so drones can still hit other mechs even if the way is blocked by your other mech.

The only thing to decide is which mech the drone hits . You choose ir the closer one?

Rocket attacks can also ignore line of sight as well .


no thank
just no


how do i contact support


There’s a support button in SM


i mean how do i contact the devs