Multi players battle on the same stage


Hello .

we have 2 vs 2 battles.

How about making all the four mechs fight on the same stage ?

This will be alot of fun but needs the Arena for this mode to be bigger make it 6 spaces more.

This will add a line of sight strategy to the game . That is if both your mechscare at the same side one cant hit until he moves to a location where he can shoot the enemy and not shoot his other mech … by using telepirt or jump over or the charge or hook.

This will add alot of fun to the battle.

Also in the campaigns this can be added in future campaigns

Also. This multi player arena can be made 2 teams 2vs 2 . Or 4 plyers killing each other … here line of sight wont be a big deal… no friendly mech to block your dight.




Why not? This Arena will be optional. You dont want to fight it dont enter it


that would be hella-confusing


Not really . Will be alot of fun and needs strategy in positioning the mechs in battles


some mechs cant jump/tp
so ur just gonna kill urself


that will be way too long and will finish the strategy build up


Then add a teleport and jumping legs for at least one of the mechs… only one needs to move out of sight if the other is blocked

Keep in mind that this mode will open new covering strategy to the battle . Like one mech defend you while for example the othere regenerates or cool down

Alot of fun.

You can use one mech to protect the other mech in case he is in danger by blocking the sight and take the hits while the other get refreshed …

Or you can make 2 mechs hit one mech and leave the other and so on and alot of thinking and planing on both sides will be needed.


I saaaaay.
2v2 is bad enough.
I don’t want to work on 4 mechs boi.


Not really. This will make people build more mechs for this mode and will make the game more fun with more new ways to play in another arena.

Keep in mind if you dont want this arena just dont enter it. Will not harm to add this mode for fun


Then dont enter that arena … if you dont like it others will

Especially higher end mechs and smart players


Oh. I thought you were suggesting to replace 2v2 with 4v4.
Which I was like “Sheet naw I don’t want that crap”


bro bro
ur promoting way too fast
slow down and ask the people like
etc etc


Don’t…you will make another fight xD
If you call em both


they can tell better so another fight
no problem


:clap: Well maybe? :clap:


i did not even finished my first yet…:sweat:


It is not 4 mechs per player

It is the same 2 mechs but 2vs2 fighting on the same stage instead of one battle after battle

It is the same 2vs2

No 4 mechs per player here . Only 2


not a good idea…unless they make it 3d…


No need to make it 3D .Making it 3d will not allow for mech protecting the other mech by blocking the line of sight…

One of the cool thing here in this mode that you make one mech protect the other mech in battle … and the strategy in moving the mechs around in calculated moves. It wont be that easy just walk and shoot. Every move you make can be your death or win

For example to avoid being surrounded by the other 2 mechs … if they both focus on one mech by surrounding it left and right you can heat you up easily…

And so on

Alot of possibilities