Mr.E Mod Training


This is amazing good bro. With big powers…


We also curse like sailors and wear totally inappropriate outfits.

Jokes aside, anyone who wishes to be a mod, it really comes down to how we see you conduct yourself in the community. When something escalates, are you one to escalate it further or try to calm it down? Are you making an effort to solve the issue or contributing to the problem more? Are you a friendly face of the community or the one that scares off the new person visiting the forum for the first time?

Being a mod doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. We still curse, we still make inappropriate jokes, we can still have our own opinions, we’re still biased sometimes and may even lose our temper once in a while. Seeing someone making an honest effort to make things better for the community as a whole is really what we’re looking for.


@Mr.E has powers!

Holly god!


Congrats on your leadership!
We’re all happy that a guy like you will guide us (even more).

How did you obtain it,tho?


It’s Mr.E!


Where do i sign up??


Actually,I preffer to call him by his former name.
It reminds me of the (better) old times and I see he’s okay with it,too.


Well i mean…
Nah i won’t make a mess.


We are still waiting…


It’s by invite only I’m afraid. I have no idea how the selection process is done.

But I’m honored to have been chosen.


It’s probably because you didn’t ever get flaged lad. (Except on your frist one)
I hopefully won’t be invited xD


@Mr.E, congratulations on becoming a mod! :grinning:


Picture of Josh from our 2015 moderator party. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Just to ask- who are you?

I’ve never seen you before


Picture of me and @Fluffeh on a moderator night out from last year.


You are on the right?


Yes, don’t you think I am pretty?


Im just joking with you-

“The grand master of shibas”??


One of the best forum posts ever :exclamation:


We are ALL humans, humans making mistakes from time to time, we ALL do :exclamation:

Give the people a fair chance to show how they are REALLY :exclamation:
Best example on this forum so far … @Yeet :exclamation:
He decided (and made the right choose) to went to the good side in any ways :exclamation:
Even if it needed some help from @Elcent :exclamation:

You see @moderators HELP us to become better :exclamation:

Thats why I say here a HUGE thank you to …

damm I forgot …
@Fluffeh I miss you ingame, to shovel the weekly Top10s :exclamation:

… who really helped me to become a better person here in forum :exclamation:


:dancer:t3: :woman_cartwheeling:t3: :basketball_woman:




:laughing: @Alexander has great humor :exclamation:



So then if @Fluffeh is on the left side, he is pretty sweet :exclamation: