Mr.E Mod Training


Are you actually becoming a mod?

Range and Weight Update


Yes sir. Isn’t that amazing for everyone :wink:



just kidding. although, since you are a top player, in a top clan, try not to be biased.

I would like to be a mod myself but I got suspended so thats not happening lol
Also then I could ban yeet :wink:


Wait they allowed Mr.Enigma to become a mod, but not the glorious Transcendant?

What is this Tom-foolery.

Kidding, congrats on being trained E!


It’s ‘Tom-foolery’ …and I know right. Watch out for the ban hammer :grin:


Don’t ban me, I’ll be a good Banana!

And oh, my brains working at like 5% atm. So forgive my incorrect use of phrases lmfao

I can edit your posts so watch out :joy:

don’t pull a winzkay on me, I will literally be confused to death :joy::joy:


I think you both went a bit off topic…
but whatever, congratz @Mr.E :slight_smile:


Mr. E, aren’t you supposed to be a mod?
Your life’s purpose right now is to annihilate all those who are off topic
and there is an off topic discussion right now

grab the ban hammer and bring justice to @Transcendant


I’m actually supposed to be able to split this topic, but can’t figure it out.



Nevermind. I discovered my new superpower :stuck_out_tongue:


wow- cool

Not that you are a mod- do you have to live a priest lifestyle
(Live in a bland tacticsoft monastery, never marry)


I feel like all mods/mods in training HAVE to follow that kind of code of conduct. Otherwise it’d be weird to have a biased mod.

not saying you’re biased E, just explaining the C.O.C


Actually the opposite. We have raunchy parties and have a riot.

I’m waiting for party invitation from Elcent though.


explaining the coc



Why am I not surprised you took that wrongly. Ai



Do you live in one of the Tactisoft monestaries build for mods?

quite the solitary lifestyle


Dammit- Im jealous!!!


Joking here

But this should be called Mr.E’s Playing Grounds

since he’s trying his new abilities out