Most Epics I got from the silver box :/

Wat is Dis
20 PM
3 Epics most I got from silver boxes ._.


Too bad aside from savagery none of them are useful.

why can’t energy engines drop more q.q


why cant heat engines drop more!
i have 3 energy engines! 2 regen boosters 1 cooling booster and no heat engines!!!

What the heck is happening to me,I still have only 2 energy engines :pensive:

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I have 5 (I think)


dont worry, you’ll get more eventually just like how i did
i got my 3rd around 3 weeks ago along with one of my regen boosters
tbh i get a lot of stuff that i dont need while i dont get what i want… like i just want some heat engines…

the energy engines are good to keep energy mechs from draining me but… i need to upgrade them more often… (i tend to upgrade weapons over mods)

im only willing to trade like 1 energy engine and 1/2 regen boosters…

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When you open about a million silver boxes.
And you expect more
04 AM

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that heat bomb you have…
reminds me of what i dont have…
cause i want a heat bomb
but i get nun
anyways you got more epics than i got when opening about a million of silver boxes…
im out of luck

Most of them are legendary fuel or mythical fuel once they turn legendary

than my next box

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