More weapons in game


maybe a range 7-8 phy 2 pull weapon
this way when the enemy is in range 8 it comes back to range 6 and when in range 7 it comes back to range 5
or maybe range 6-8, 2 pull weapon
just to get into nightfall range easily
what do you think?
there could be a phy and heat version of these weapons


What? No energy love?


Energy has allredy have much love.

Heat needs it.


mans what kind of legs is that?





Thunder Boots, a new legs unreleased publicly.

Edit : Thunder Boots portal is going to be released Tomorrow, or Thursday.


wow, that is Awesome!!!


i hate NRG mech being shutdown is better than doing nothing but the stomp


I love it
so much :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


omg omg…
It will be like a hammers and scopes? The most heaviest will be thunder boots huh?



Just a little curiosity: how do you now the name of the item and when it should be released ? ^^


i hate energy
it wrecks me
i only have 1 energy mech because i have valiant, if the devs gave heat some fairness (buff the stats just a bit) then i’d have some energy love
so far that’s not happening

but sure i could change the colors to blue too, just need to think about the stats of this weapon (i think it should be a cap killer, drains more cap than it does heat or energy dmg)


I want a squirrel torso with big teeth.