More weapons in game


i would like some SMG guns and ARs and LMGs for the game


There are 37 side weapons and 18 top. That is what I counted on

Not sure how much more you want…


that was geart now i can design a new mech without going though the pain of countcolation


hey wanna meet in game


No more wepons!
It’s time for tacticsoft to do at least something good,like checking bugs,banning cheaters etc.


This is not fortnite or PUBG






What makes you think an SMG will fit on a mech? Lol, these weapons are for human use.


Sure… Name in game is Golden Psycho


Knowing that there are 3 types of weapons and a L-M tier that further separates them,more weapons wouldn’t hurt.
It’d actually be great.


I’m not against it. I’m just posting how many there is. I really don’t mind if there be more or not.


did i hear SMG!!!


Why is it heat when it has bullets?lol


you know how shotguns can have incendiary rounds?
yeah same thought here
it’s cause im a pyro main in TF2 and i thought of something new
like a SMG that has incendiary rounds (normally shotguns have these)


Ooo a tf2 player (yes I love pyro mate)
Anyways,you should do phys version


once im done with a new phy weapon im making
(hint: it will be somewhat spiky)
i’m basing my new sprite that will be done in some weeks (minimum 1) in a boss from megaman
after that i’ll make a phy and energy version of the fire SMG
well unless someone else decides to photoshop yellow or blue into it


I’m not that kind of photoshop master…




just fuse spartan with valiant and then make it heat
lol jk
maybe new weapons that have 2 pull or cap drainers (like a lot of cap)
who knows maybe even more weapons like hot flash but that are good (cost wise) cause i can imagine having high heat and draining like a pro


Dude, I was thinking the same thing…we have an assortment of differing amounts of push items but very few pull items…