More sensible upgrade scrapping menu please!

When selecting items for scrapping/recycling in the selection list, its wasteful of time to even display equipped items. At most there should be a checkbox to show equipped items that selection screen or you could simply unequip the item so it will show up as available to scrap. Its so easy to accidentally delete common and rare items this way in addition to just making it take a longer time when you have to think about dodging items that will never be deleted.

Also, there should be an “item safe” where the items will never show up for scrapping/recycling menu until they are removed from the safe. This way you can save items from accidental deletion even if they are not equipped.

If both these changes were implemented it would save a lot of time and headaches. For players with hundreds items this would make a huge difference.

Please leave a reply if you like this idea!


Also… the mass selector tool is awful.

Give me a filter instead. I don’t want to select every electric item in my inventory to upgrade, I’d like to keep my teleports for instance, but I would like select FROM the electric items in my inventory when upgrading an electric item.


I’d like to mass select but without power kits because it always chooses those first but if I could hit mass select and get all the items besides power kits, that’d be nice.

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And if you uncheck the “kits” button ?


There isn’t a kits button.

there is, but its legacy kit skin


^^^^ That’s what he said (that is true) ^^^^

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Step 1: go to a mech slot
Step 2: choose any epic items that are useful
that’s all.
Make sure to test in upgrade

Thanks for the reply. I’m hoping for a comment by the devs if that has ever happened?

Hey @Darkstare

What @YGGM and @Opoco said, just proof



Also, why are maxxed items in the upgrade select screen. They can’t be upgraded!

Cuz you can use them as a deleting item :wink::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Because you can still paint them

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You can only delete a maxxed myth item at the 2nd upgrade menu. The first upgrade menu is purely selecting the item you want to upgrade and nothing else. There can be a separate menu item for painting.

You can upgrade their or change their color :wink:

There needs to be a separate button for painting. For a long time player this makes the upgrade menu literally have 5 times more items than it should most of the time. You scroll through 100 maxxed items then look at 20 items that are not maxxed to choose the ones you want to upgrade. Ridiculous! At the very least could they put maxxed items at the very bottom instead of the very top?!

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I want an Auto upgrade button that do these tasks:

  • Auto select all rare-common items as food for upgrade a pre-selected item
  • Then auto open unclaimed boxes until inventory full
  • Repeat until no more unclaimed boxes or item reached max level

I know that they can do it :nerd_face: