More Modules? What's your thought?


I been thinking. I have to get this off my mind. Right now you can only attach 8 module items. I been thinking there should be more, yet can that be a good or bad thing. A lot of my builds have less than 4 weapons. One I’m trying to build only needs 1 weapon.(can’t say what it is)
At the minute it weighs at 863. Now that’s not my only one. I have others that have a huge gap from the weight limit.

Whats your input?

I’m not putting a poll. I just want others opinion.


No, if anything, there should be less.


and yet again fluxeon dashes dreams


i believe more modules extend the duration of battle.


More Modules Are Not Needed!:slight_smile:


New Module…
Cooling Armor…
+25 Cooling…
+80 Hp…
60-70 Weight…


This reminded me of the beta module slots, right now, in the live version, all our 8 slots are unlocked. In beta, when I got to level 15, I only unlocked 2 slots out of 8, what does this mean? Could it be that a level 30 can only unlock 6 module slots? A level 50+ unlocks all 8? I’m scared because I’m low on xp


Sorry… I didn´t understand anything … it’s that I’ve never been a good psychologist and I cannot go into the depths of mind …