More forgiveness with Raid, or highlight when incomplete


Sometimes I forget to do the raid, sometimes I think I’ve already done it, but I log in every day and I think I forget it at least once per week.

The little number above the arena always reminds me I haven’t completed 5 matches, the shop reminds me when I have boxes unopened.

I would like to see something similar for Raid. Even an exclamation mark similar to the Clan box when a reward is pending. Or if you made the raid button red until it was completed. (And while we’re at it, something similar to highlight there is an active Titan and that you have not hit it rather than having it buried through the clan interface.)

This may be more tricky or less well received, but I’d even like to see a day’s grace on raid. Maybe if you miss a day you can complete it on Monday. Or allow player’s to “catch up” on raid if they are behind a day.


Nice, yeah, me too sometimes when doing other things i tend to forgot that too, a little update on that would be good, something like a counter on it like the arena would help a lot.


I also forgot the raid and I like your idea


I like the idea but an extra day is not a good idea because it could mess up the whole payment system. It would put it out of wack and throw the payments off for those top people, like if someone got the top score but someone was already paid the top score money.


That should be a thing since the start tbh


I forgot to do raid last week , and lost 125 tokens …
This idea has been suggested by people many times , yet it keeps getting ignored.
I would personally like there to be a yellow highlight on the raid button if it is not done.
@Berserk40000 Please get this idea delivered to the devs , we need it


During my time in BMMDEV, there was a little “!” on Raid if you haven’t done it.

Perhaps they already thought of adding it


Sometimes, I just forget about SM and the next day I am crying inside because I missed a day of raid and grinding.

  • Yes add this
  • No too hard

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Please don’t add an extra day onto the raid, its supposed to be completed each day and you aren’t supposed to be able to do it after everyone else has, that’s not fair. However, adding the reminder is a very good idea. I’ve forgotten several times already, costing me a few tokens.


It’s fair to apply the same rules to everyone. Im not asking for everyone else to complete it in 6 days but that I should get a 7th day - that would be unfair.