Mordulec is Back, on the right track!


Greetings Pilots!
For those of you who longed my bitter comments on the forum and kicking my electric ass with their OP clawed physicals, I have some good news! Mordulec is back from his vacation, ready for some serious butt kicking, and as usual, figthing for the banana or two in the forum!
P.S. What did I miss in those two weeks? I was practically offline all the time, with limited access… I already know I missed the electric hammer portal…


Welcome back monkey!
And you did missed some football actions didn’t you?


Sadly, I did, but I was alert enough to see Russia bidding Spain goodbye, among a huge crowd of Spanish fans at a local fan zone… Feeling their tension during the penalty shootout… Just wow, priceless…


you missed the falcon portal
that deals 997 dmg at max lol l-m and its kinda like lightning scope lol
and its 19kg weight


Just hoped that you’re back mate.
Also,Croatia is at maddnes right now,wishing that country for win.


I was hoping you’re dead lol jk


Jel znas da tvoj drzava pobedi ko besna lisica?
Ja navijam za tvoju drzavu.


I was wondering why you were gone.
Welcome back,my friend!


Hvala :blush::blush:


Welcome back!!! :slight_smile:


hi sarahhhhhhhhhh

edit sarah just liked my comment asdf

pls no flag for offtopic



srry I misunderstood


oh yesss…i fealt soooo alone with my bitterness…


Welcome back mate. Hope you got fat and tanned nicely.
For updates on elecs, you might wanna check 0_0 and Misfit’s builds…


Welcome back to the forums
Everything is still lively as it was

Just stay away from me because I have an illness that will make all apes intelligent


oo oo aa aa (that means “welcome back” in monkey)


Create your own topic dammint.



That is absolutely rude and uncalled for AND dis-respectful spamming someone’s welcome back thread with your own welcome back!


Wow! So harsh people… Let’s try to enjoy Mordulec’s welcome back peacefully.

Hey, Mordule, I didn’t realize you’ve a comeback thread. I’d like to say welcome back on this thread as well. And it’s good to see you’re still kicking.

Ah, so that’s why you were MIA, a 2-week vacation. I hope you enjoyed your vacation.

By the way, Rovolution finally got his Platinum Plates. Maybe there’s still hope for you as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

And welcome back, Sparsh.